"Informative, electrifying and mind-blowing!" Email



Me: Hell yeah!..The Triads of Success were well- explained!

SSX: about the Legalities?

Me: yeah, I'll be careful on the under age and married sets!..

JULY: Exactly!..and don't forget the tips I gave you on Dating, huh?

Me: Sure!..Some of the pointers made me laugh!

LIA: ANd , maintain EYE CONTACt! AYt?

Me: AYt! I'll make that as a part of my system ! Gracias!

NOMER: Cool man!..btw, do you know that feeling...

Me: When it's time to wear or not to wear a thong?..


Me: hahaha! well anyway, I'm able to meet a lot of PUAs, the davao lair, laguna lair, old buddies, sargemates, new faces, soon-to-be crews, the producers of smooth's reality show, and of course and again the GURUS!..Thanks guys! =)

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"It's the bargain of the century of all the seminars!" Email

anyway, I think the seminar was the "bargain-of-the-century" of all the seminars I've ever attended! if I remember correctly, the 3-hour preview seminar of The Venusian Arts, costs $150! so 500 pesos for a half-day seminar is a steal!

lastly, I thought the event would happen in a large convention hall. but it's all right! our community is growing and we'll definitely need to hold our summits in larger venues!

one observation: I noticed that the X Crew, are really good and friendly people!

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"It was a blast!" Email

The Grand PUA Summit: NeXt Generation, held recently this November 7, 2009 was a blast!!!

Beginner friendly, madaming natutunan, may bonus pang legal advices.
Siguro next time, pwedeng in between speakers yung sharing ng mga matatagal ng members ng X-Arts. Medyo bitin. Enjoy kasi!!!

Things I was able to observe and absorb from the Nov. 7, 2009 Grand PUA summit and the after party:
> S.V.A. : Skill set - Value - Attitude . . . be the game (from Saint Seducer X)
> The game is like driving, you can learn it. (from Saint Seducer X)
> "Practice makes familiarity". Hindi ko maalala yung exact quote from Nomer, pero yan yung pagkakaintindi ko. (from Saint Seducer X)
> [routine] Ring Magic (from Saint Seducer X)
> Body Language in approaching sets (from SMOOTH)
> Have atleast 2-3 memorized routine (from SMOOTH)
> IOIs (from SMOOTH)
> [routine] Using "For real?" to pro-long a conversation (from SMOOTH... for real?)
> [routine] Wrist-Watch (from SMOOTH... can't wait to read your book!)
> Who's going to pay in the "first" breakfast/lunch/dinner date (from July)
> Eye contact when talking to anybody (from Lia)
> [routine] Tell a life experience (recent or even decades ago) enthusiastically (from Nomer)…

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"Knowing pickup is not enough, this boot camp helps you apply them in-field" Email

It is a fun and learning experience. Having the pick up knowledge from books and other sources is not enough, and this bootcamp helps you apply them in-field.

Some of the things I learned:
- Leading
- Handling Logistics
- How to SOI properly
- How to game gatekeepers in bars and clubs
- Handling shit test
- Focusing

X is a great teacher in the pick up arts.
You can feel his dedication and passion in what he teaches.
He has this commitment in improving his students' game, both inner and outer game.

This guy won't let you down.


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"Great learning experience" Email

Another Saturday for Sarging me, Hush and X were suppose to meet up at Greenbelt mcdo at 5 PM. As it turns out there was going to be another bootcamp with a few new students most of which were the Robinsons ermita boys. So in the end there was Silencio, X, master, Alphaman, Seed and Charlatan. (Hush had to leave because of an emergency) so here’s what happened

Venue 1: Around the malls in Makati.. (Greenbelt, Glorrietta, Landmark and SM)

So after we all met up we immediately went to the field first up was Seed his story he never had any experience with doing Direct Game and has problem with closing but overall he’s good and picks up fast.

I can’t relate what happened in the entire convo because I wasn’t near enough to hear what was going on. But after the Encounter Seed made their social bubble so strong that even when X was talking to the obstacle the 2 set was clearly ignoring him and he couldn’t get in haha. X says that’s the 1st time that happened to him. Clearly there was potential with this one. It ended up with Seed number closing the Set and after the encounter the girl was continually texting seed even gave him her address lol now that’s the shit.

Anyway Next up since there was apparently too few sets in the area we decided to go to the Fort Early and see if we could find any there. So here’s what happened.…

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