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Another Saturday for Sarging me, Hush and X were suppose to meet up at Greenbelt mcdo at 5 PM. As it turns out there was going to be another bootcamp with a few new students most of which were the Robinsons ermita boys. So in the end there was Silencio, X, master, Alphaman, Seed and Charlatan. (Hush had to leave because of an emergency) so here’s what happened

Venue 1: Around the malls in Makati.. (Greenbelt, Glorrietta, Landmark and SM)

So after we all met up we immediately went to the field first up was Seed his story he never had any experience with doing Direct Game and has problem with closing but overall he’s good and picks up fast.

I can’t relate what happened in the entire convo because I wasn’t near enough to hear what was going on. But after the Encounter Seed made their social bubble so strong that even when X was talking to the obstacle the 2 set was clearly ignoring him and he couldn’t get in haha. X says that’s the 1st time that happened to him. Clearly there was potential with this one. It ended up with Seed number closing the Set and after the encounter the girl was continually texting seed even gave him her address lol now that’s the shit.

Anyway Next up since there was apparently too few sets in the area we decided to go to the Fort Early and see if we could find any there. So here’s what happened.

Venue 2: The Fort Global City

We just lazed around for a bit around the area because it was still too early to go clubbing we passed time at Timezone until it was time for the main event club gaming. We all got in to embassy and just scanned the place for potential sets. Turns out embassy was a no go so we went to another Club called Fuel for some reason they had 3 grand openings already lol guess they couldn’t pull enough people for the place.
Anyway we went in to try and game sets again there were too few sets but no matter we still hanged out and eventually found a few of them.

It was time for X to go into action for the boot camp so here it was another 2 set. Both HB’s I’d say +1 AMOG who they just met. Funny thing happened while this was all going on. Eventually the AMOG got pissed and asked if X was with the 2 girls.

AMOG: Kasama nyo sya?
Girl1: Kilala nga ba kita?
X: Oo ako yung Highschool Friend mo diba?
Girl: Weh eh all girls kaya ako dati.
X:Oo nga. Eh bakla ako eh! (X gives a high five to the girl and they all burst into laughter + the AMOG got disarmed haha sucks for him)

During the course of this X was asking for a wing I thought the guys saw what X was doing but apparently they didn’t. So I went in and asked something to help X eject. The HB’s didn’t want X to leave but he’s gotta conduct the bootcamp so we ejected. It all turned out fine in the end so we bounced from Fuel and went back to embassy. This Time it was Alpha man’s Turn to go in..

We spotted a lone set in front of embassy that apparently couldn’t get in because they were not in the list. Again I apologize for not getting the Convo part of this. But to make the long story short alphaman did a good job and closed the girl and got her in to Embassy. Her AMOG friend who turned out not being an AMOG came and of course got disarmed. After that the girl was still texting Alphaman ask him for the details on what they talked about hehe.

Moving on to the Best part of the night we split up into two groups for some reason Charlatan wanted to go back to FUEL I think Master and Seed went with him.
Alpha Man, X and me went to the front of Pier one to try and spot Sets this is when the 8 set rolled in we didn’t know the group was together but later in the encounter it turns out that they were. So Alpha Spotted a 5 set first he thought that some of the girls looked familiar so X asked if he wants to open that Set so alpha went in.

Turns out he really knew the girls from school well not personally but their faces were familiar so he says. So X and I were left in front of Pier one talking a 3 set comes in they were taking a picture here’s the cool opener that happened haha.

As the girls were taking a picture

X: (Yells) Sali ko Sali ko!(they didn’t respond the first time)
X: (Yells) Sali ko Sali ko( this time they saw him and X went in to take the picture with them)
X: Yan kasi pag meron nag pipicture hindi pwedeng hindi ako kasama medyo me pagka picture addict kasi ko.

I didn’t go in after X when he got in the set i was feeling really low that night because of the lack of sleep I went to empire with friends the day before and I had Saturday classes the next day so. Charlatan and the rest of the guys came back and saw the sets went in AMOG style lol just kidding anyway I couldn’t pay attention because there was 2 separate sets and interactions happening left and right I didn’t know where to look haha.

In the end the PUA masters were having fun with both sets that turns out to be one big set and decided to merge them together. Everything was smooth the we were there for like an hour maybe more because the girls were so hooked. In the end they all got their targets closed and off we went like cow boys riding off to sunset.

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