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When I found out that X Arts is doing boot camps, at first, I hesitated to spend my hard-earned money on this because I feel I can do it all by myself. Well, everything happens for a reason so I decided to take the boot camp and did it help me? F*ck yeah!

On day 1 we did a lot of discussion I saw charlatan, X and psy do their thing on the field. All the materials we discuss are very helpful and the assignment were really awesome you can see the difference after doing the assignment. On day 2 we had a fun field exercise in market-market I approach 6 or 8 girls and I interact with them I manage to number close here. After that we went to ascend I manage to open four sets but because I am still a newbie I didn’t know how to do the mid game. So I told X we went outside he gave me tips also charlatan did the same thing he also gave me tips. Unfortunately I lost my frame that night I was thinking too much and I lost my energy because I really feel tired. After that we went to LAX, X gave me some tips he told me to open some set, he did coach me he gave me signals on what to do but my mind went blank I can’t remember the signals I ran out of gas. After that we finish the boot camp with breakfast.

All in all the boot camp is great my batchmate HURRICANE got instant result as for my case I didn’t get results in the club game yet, but I did get good result for my inner game. Sooner or later I know my skill sets will improve the important thing is I have learned the foundation that will help me improve not just in getting girls but also improving my life.

As for the instructors X and charlatan are very good instructors, approachable, very friendly and both are cheerful and energetic. They explain it well, the lecture can be easily absorbed and all the topics are quality materials. Charlatan tip on how to visualize is very good and X gave us exercise that we can do to improve ourselves for the rest of our lives.

Thank you guys also I want to say thank you for the guys who join us in our boot camp thanks for sharing your experience and giving us tips.

-God bless me, look at all I've been through
It's my time, I can feel it, can't you?


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