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The best seminar I've been into in years. Props to Smooth, Nomer, July, Lia and X - they all earned the right to host and speak their topic. The room was filled with "Bro-vibe".

My one single objective why I went to the summit was to see the people behind X-arts and meet the forumers in the flesh. I coined it "PUA- Demystification Day". But I got more than what I bargained , the longer I was seated on my seat, my mind auto-calibrate and like a muscle after a workout my mind absorbed all the infos, - they were GOLD!!!

Nobody enjoys reading a very long post so I'll do it part by part.
First, I will review Ryu's " X Arts Frame".

I cant help it but to take notes, the man was speaking with such conviction, with authority and what he's saying were all GOLD, actually "Platinum". Props to this man for coming up with another school of thought. For Ryu to have synthesized an evolved method on top of other PU method deserve the respect that X Arts deserves.

I think X is original, if what he said are application of LAW 7 of 48 , it will show and backfire. Nevertheless I sensed that his talk was a product of the process he subjected himself into.

Props to him, his focus in increasing our value is liberating. The knowledge trap I was into for reading tons of self-help books and PUA material was shattered that day.

For those who were not able to make it, here are some of those GOLDs. (David, you're the most serious person there taking down notes... scan your notebook and send me a copy…LOL!).

I. X-arts Frame
1. Value is not determined by woman.
2. Practice makes permanent, practice and calibration makes perfect (credited to Nomer).
3. Not afflicted by approach-itis.
4. You cant be a PUA forever, you got to change, you got to evolve.
5. Be the Game yourself.

6. The discussion on laws affecting PUA lifestyle was an eye opener.

The experience can be likened to: X as the MONK, lecturing under the tree, all those who heard were enlightened. (Bitin ako dun,the famous magnetic mindset di ko narinig). Kudos to the Davao lair and all the BROs, it was a very nice experience.

What Manny Pacquiao is to Boxing, X Arts is to PU. As Nomer said: TO EACH HIS OWN.



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