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As what other members said, it was truly one of the best seminars ived also attended, though its quit expensive because of the fare and other expenses, but its worthy than buying a new dress or phone, because the experiences that we had was remarkable.

During the summit few of my expectations are met, the topics that had been discussed by the speakers are enlightening to the fact that many of us don’t know the correct structure/frame of the game.

SMOOTH imparted some of the important factors that we need to learn in order to amplify the game. Correct body language, learning to spot the IOI’s and escalating to Seduction phase.

JULY also shares her taught about how to handle women during dates, though in my own perspective some part contradicts my belief, but the rest are good point of views that surely it could help and increases the Value of Men.

CHARLATAN exposed his magic tricks using it as his gambit in-order to increase the level of attraction. His KISS-Close gambit was marvelous, that’s why I put it into record cause ima try to use it, and see the effect.

SSX the Triad structure was brilliant S.V.A X Arts Frame. But the best part of the discussion is about the legalities. It was an eye opener for everyone to refrain from applying the game incorrectly, because you might be put in Jail. hehehehe

On this part, I would like to give THANKS to the following person who takes good care and spending their Golden time with us…. Truly you guys are a blessing for this brotherhood….


SMOOTH- BIG BIG Thank you sayo dude, for all the things that you shared to the Davao lair. Accommodation, Bonding, and your Golden knowledge that you imparted to us. Men were so blessed to have you, i can't express everything, basta alam muna yun…for us ur not just a friend, but also a brother….. Thanks Again!

Esteban Calibre (Tippi)- Damnn dude, we never expected such a Good lookin “ANGAS” Style guy would mingle with us. You are one of the best buddy that we had, thanks for the Golden times that you shared to us. Truly we will never forget those moments, lets do it again when we get back.. ahahaha (pix will be posted ds week)…Ingat dude, Holla at us....

SSX and JULY- You guys are magnificent, thanks for the things and ideas that you shared. Bonding uli tayo when we get back…. Videoke, Swimming and the best part is “BAWANG BASE GAME” ahahaha that was extraordinary. Im sure Davao lair misses that especially Azlan. Don’t forget to invite us if u guys decided to get marry, I can be your wedding coordinator. As-in :D ehehehe

ALPHAMAN- One of the best dude. Thanks for hanging out with us… na miss namin
ung “SARDINES NIGHT” sleeping in one room with 8 people parang sardinas…ehehe thanks again dude.

HONEY, KC & PRINCESS- Thank you sa bonding…. You Gurls Rocks.. Tnx for the friendship and adding us on facebook.

TANKBETA, MAI, SILENCIO- Dudes thank you for spending time with us at the pool. Lets do it again next time….”Promise” I’ll cook food for you…..lalo na sayo Tankbeta..ahahaah

CHICKBOI 18- Idol, thank you tlaga…thank you for sharing your Natural Game…truly you are MM… “Malanding Malambing”

NAVIN & CRASHZERO- Thank you din sa inyo, papalakasin pa natin ang Davao Lair even though nandyan kayo sa manila. Holla at us when you get back here sa davao.

CHARLATAN- Thanks sa Magic Tricks and Seduction Tactics

JANSEN- Thanks sa sharing mo about business and seduction stuff.

MASTER- thank you din sa time mo..Always remember what I have told you, I know it could add up to your game. ATTITUDE Wise….OK? hmmmm ehehe :D

And to all the Guys na naka Bonding namin :’ Marco Lee, Van Diesel, A-P, Gallanteador, Big_Bob, Carebear, YURI, J-EDsa, and to all X-Arts crew who attended the summit and the after party…. Thanks Again guys, sorry I can’t enumerate everyone. Thank you one’s again….Lets keep the Brotherhood….God Bless yall…
(pix will be posted earlier ds week)



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