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TOPIC: I made her cry...

I made her cry... 6 years 4 months ago #37802

FR Date: September 4, 2013

I made her cry...

This was a first time experience that a girl I hugged and kissed cried.

So I find this experience really new and interesting that's why I'm writing this report.

I opened this girl I think one month ago inside the MRT station. I went direct and I was able to number close her. Since she was very busy, I was not able to meet up with her for a very long time... I think close to a month... We just exchanged messages and I knew based on her sms that she had strong IOIs on me.
She was telling that I was sweet for doing that approach etc. etc.

I find this girl funny since she was telling me she has no friends. And I could not believe it myself since attractive naman sya.. matangkad.. she's like 5'4" or 5'5".. black beauty.. Malaysian Indian sya.. she do modelling and lately she joined Miss Earth Malaysia Pageant. She didn't get to the top ten though. So doing all these things.. modelling stuff, preparing for the pageant, and working as nurse gets her schedule really jampacked.

We tried to meet more than once but it just doesn't happen. It's either may lakad sya or ako naman ang may lakad.

However, this afternoon nag sms sya kung puede ba daw ako dinner tonight. So sabi ko oo. Gusto ko na din sya ma day2 kasi.

So ayun, nagkita kami sa mall.. nag antay pa ako ng 1 hour kasi na extend yung training nya sa modelling. anyways, I was patient about it. We met around 9 pm na instead of our agreed time na 8 pm. I kissed her on the cheek when we met and do some light teasing. We proceed to a restaurant where we ate. Ako nagbayad after, I dont mind kasi nag agree naman kami na ang next date namin e sya naman taya. I notice some IOIs from her. Ako naman I just act natural. Vibing2x.. talk.. talk.. vibing.. vibing.. just being in the moment kumbaga. pinahiram ko
pa sya ng jacket ko kasi nilalamig sya.. payatin kasi.. 47 kilograms lng daw sya... we talked a lot of stuff.. nagpa explain sya sa mga naririnig nya na tagalog words from her colleagues.. ako naman sinabi ko sa kanya ang alam ko na indian word which is actually isang word lng alam ko which is "machi" meaning "pare" in tagalog since I call my teammate who's indian machi and my teammmate always laugh at me since
I dont pronounce it correctly... she finds it funny.. I also tease her nung
unang beses ko sya na meet sa orchard kung pano sya maglakad. I told her that she's like a girl on a mission... straight face .. no smiling.. and parang soldier.. ambilis maglakad.. grabe ang tawa nya.. I also teased her that I find it funny when she messaged me that she find me sweet and all I can remember is her face na shock sa approach ko sa kanya.. i do this with all the gestures and make faces I can make.. I just enjoy the moment talking to her. masyado pa syang strict.. it really caught me off-guard when she told me if she could see my hands kasi
nakita nya may kinuha ako sa bag and suspicious sya that I might put something in her drink.. I was shocked ofcourse but I just made fun with it and made it as a joke.. ang tatay nya pala pulis pa.. tsk3x

After we ate I paid for it and told her that we're gonna go up sa amphitheater para mag kwentuhan.. she was like asking what we're gonna do there.. masyado syang skeptical.. anyways punta na kami sa taas.. humawak sya sa braso ko habang paakyat sa escalator tapos hinolding hands ko na habang lakad2x sa amphitheater habang
nagkikwento.. small talk small talk.. tapos papunta na kami sa bakanteng area ng amphitheater pero may mga tao naman at mga couple sa paligid pero hindi ganun kadami.. so small talk ng konti tapos kinunan ko sya ng picture muna tapos picture na naman kaming dalawa tapos sinabi kong tanggalin nya sapatos nya kasi gusto ko malaman gano sya katangkad.. mas matangkad kasi sya sakin kasi naka heels sya.. e height ko mga 5'7".. so ayun pagtanggal ng heels nya mga around 5'4" or 5'5" sya.. tease2x ulit.. sabi ko na mas matangkad pala ako tapos pinaharap ko sya sakin.. i took her arms and wrap around my neck para naka hang yung arms nya around my neck and niyakap ko sya.. then i kissed her on the cheek.. then I kissed her sa lips.. umiilag sya pero tinamaan din ang labi.. tapos nag iba facial expression nya.. malayo ang tingin and nag iba ang vibe nya..

me: what's wrong?
her: ...

me: is it me?
her: ...

(matagal bago ko sya napa open kung bakit sya ganyan)

me: you can tell me... u dont have to be shy...
her: i dont know your intentions.. blah blah
me: i see.. i dont have bad intentions
her: we just met and I dont like the things we are doing... what is this for... do you also do this to other girls?
me: (di ko alam isasagot)... uhm.. not all girls...

teary eyed na sya

her: i wanna cry
me: why? what happened?
her: ... i'm thinking if you're doing this to other girls and you do this to me it's like i'm just like them..
her: let's just go back home...

i was thinking "this is bad.. i need to change her state.. change her emotion..i need to move her to another place and mag small talk para mawala ang lungkot nya".. so I did small talk and show her that I understand her.. I told her to wear her heels and maglibot2x kami.. so we went for a walk.. holding hands pa din.. my goal was to change her emotions.. naglibot2x kami.. I told her pointing to some couple na ganyan ang mga couple.. nag yayakapan.. nag hahalikan.. sabi nya
e hindi pa naman kami couple.. sabi ko e darating din ang panahon na magiging couple kami.. she also told me that i'm using this "couple" term para mapaniwala ko daw sya and so I can take advantage of her.. she's the type of girl na mataas pa din ang guard kahit passive na sya sa mga kino ko and alam ko na gusto nya din ako.. anyways, i'm succeeding in my goal para ma change yung mood nya..
napapatawa ko na sya ulit and teasing2x ulit... stop sa isang place... i put her arm around my neck again.. hugged her.. and told her that this is really what i do sa mga gusto ko.. i just want to hug .. comply naman sya.. puffy eyes.. nag open up sya ulit na one time nag audition daw sya sa Malaysia para sa isang role and na harass sya ng isang director doon tulad daw ng ginawa ko.. hehe! kaya ayun, naintindihan ko kung bakit ganun yung reaction nya kanina.. kwentuhan pa kami about her family..

mga around 11 pm na yon.. so hinatid ko na sya sa bus stop.. pero gusto ko sumakay together with her para ihatid sya malapit sa bahay nila pero ayaw nya.. she told me na inaantay daw sya ng parents nya so ayaw nya makita kami magkasama ng parents nya.. e sabi ko sa kanya since ayaw nya ako sumama e di usap muna kami for another 30
minutes.. payag naman sya.. hanap kami ng bench... umupo sa bench.. usap2x.. kino2x.. vibing.. small talk.. comfort2x.. kino2x.. hanggang sa nag lips to lips kami.. walang tongue.. lambot ng lips.. anyways hinatid ko sya 11:30 pm sa bus stop.. text2x pa din kami .. nag i love u na agad hetong gabi lng.. pero sabi ko sa kanya M.U. muna kami kasi i like her pero hindi pa love yun.. sinulat ko to kahit hindi pa lay report kasi natuwa ako sa experience na umiyak sya pero buti at na overcome ko
yun.. kung nagpadala ako sa sinabi nya na umuwi na lng kami e di wala sana ako napala... instant girlfriend... :)
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