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Here is a very simple, quick guide outline to follow when somebody new posts a thread here introducing himself.


The title can be anything you want it to be that preferably describes you or identifies you easily in a few words. I suggest you be creative with this one, but if you can't do that, follow others.


Ideally, your post should contain the following information:

- Who you are
- What you do
- Where you are
- Your background in the seduction community, and the game
- How you found your way here and to this site
- Your relationship status
- Your perception of the art of attraction and seduction
- What you wanna achieve in joining this community, your goals, your purpose, etc.
- Name 3 things about you or your interests that is not related to seduction or pickup

Those are the basic information that should be in your post ideally. Although you can choose to skip some parts there, it would be better to have all this information available.

Remember, this is a constructive community, and we can help each other better if we know each other much better.

No need to make a novel or a short story.

No need to post pictures, anybody who wants to maintain anonymity can choose to stay anonymous. After all, that is the purpose of the internet forums.


Also, please post in the X Arts White Pages for referential purposes. This is a different thread from the above that i explained. The guidelines are posted in that thread, located on the first post of any page under that topic. Just follow the guidelines posted there.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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TOPIC: Introduction to myself here..

Introduction to myself here.. 7 years 6 months ago #35805

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Hey whats up everyone, my name is Edward and I am a pharma student here in the Philippines. I actually have no idea how i found out about this community and to be honest i had no idea these kinda groups existed, haha. I was emailing with ryu about a week ago since i have planned to take a bootcamp and am interested to get to know you guys. I just turned 23, play alot of basketball and am going to be living in manila coming next year.

Big fact: Im a really strong christian and my main purpose to join with you guys is to build my social abilities back, since i have lost alot of it to my focus in school. I also would like to improve my pickup, but i dont pickup for the bad reasons, just searching for a great quality girl.

Anyways man, can't wait to meet up and chill with you guys when the time comes..
God bless

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