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TOPIC: Collision 2 Game Mode

Collision 2 Game Mode 6 years 3 months ago #37819

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Woke up around 630PM & saw several messages from friends & the HB I just met earlier (read my other FR Day Game). My friend in the village will be going to a party at MetroTent (Collision 2) & they would pick me up at Southmall around 8PM. I was really looking forward to sarging & gaming a lot of HBs in the party that night. I even prepared a few convo materials, freshened up on a few routines & mentally noted a few more I’d like to try out. I even had plans on F-Closing somebody that night.

However there was an unfortunate turn of events. My wife (Yes, I’m already legally married) suddenly gave me an ultimatum that it’s either she tags alone or I can’t go. Since I really wanted to go there (Nothing can stop me). I caved in & she came with us. We were a mixed set of 15 or 17 I think. Some of the HBs there were GFs & wives of my friends, there were also guys that I just met there.

At first, I couldn’t really do much sarging as my wife was keeping me on a short leash. She would go with me every time I would get beer or go to the CR. She had already noticed that some girls were looking at our direction the 1st time our group entered the venue. So she knows that sooner or later, I would be talking to somebody or they would be talking to me. Our group went to get beer & there were a few HBs passing by (going to the CR). She even noticed one HB had eye contact with me & smiled. She immediately asked if I know the girl. I said ‘No’ & she just brushed it off.

What I did instead was changed my mindset from being Bad Vibes & turned it to a self challenge. The challenge was to meet & number close at least 4 HBs that night despite the handicap (Wifey). 1st thing I did was show her & everybody in the group that I am & will be having a good time tonight no matter what. I smiled a lot; make eye contact with people guys & gals a like & talked to the prod team & bouncers. Then, the group started to notice that my wife was now starting to be comfortable as well. She started to loosen up (maybe because of the beer) so I knew I now have a fighting change.

I told her I would be going to the CR & then get more beer, even asked her if she would like more beer. Then I suddenly opened 1 HB on the way to the CR (she’s going there too). I think I said ‘Ei, that’s an interesting outfit’ or something. After the CR, I proceeded to get my beer refill. When the HB was on her way from the CR,she smiled when she saw me. I grabbed another glass of beer & gave it to her. She accepted & said thank you. I asked for her name & told her I’ll see her around. So, I knew I’ve warmed up now. I was making constant eye contacts & my wifey knows that HB are consistently checking me out.

My wife know I have this thing for Chinitas (she a chinita as well) so when she saw 1 chinita HB, she pointed her to me & said ‘Di ako magagalit kung sya lalapitan mo sya.’ I just told her nope, not really interested (gambit). She even said papicture kayo… Ako kukuha… So I approached the HB & told her picture tayo. Luckily, an event photographer was passing by & she called his attention ‘Kuya, papicture kami’ then my wife also positioned herself to take our picture. Nagulat ako kasi umakbay si HB sakin so napa-hawak din ako sa waist nya. After that, I asked for her name & FB account so I could tag her. Surprisingly, my wife was cool about it. So on to the next set & the next & the next.

I even showed her a few social experiments such as being an Alpha. I got this from a program in Nat Geo. Basically, as I was projecting an Alpha mindset & posture, whenever, I would walk towards a certain direction, people make way or get out of my way & lets me pass. I even did this through a few groups that were standing loosely. They gave way. The HBs would also turn their head towards my direction. Another experiment I showed her was affecting the vibes of people around me. I would turn hyper & mellow down & then hyper again on the dance floor & she would notice that people nearest to me would follow my ‘swings’. She had a blast observing people around me while I was doing those experiments.

Towards the end of the party, My wife was tired from all that dancing & partying that she sat in on the VIP area. She was allowed in because I was talking to the bouncer earlier that night (Social Proof). One of my best guy friends told me, “wala kang nakilala ngayon no… Bantay sarado ka eh” I smiled & showed him some SMS & numbers I got to his surprise. As one group of HB was leaving 1 of them even waved at me & gestured “text me”. He asked me kelan ko nalapitan yun? As it turns out, he’s been stalking that HB all night long but didn’t have the courage to approach her. I was also suprised that I had 7 number closes & 2 FB accounts including the Chinita HB.

We came home around 6AM already. I told my wife I’ll be adding HB Chinita sa FB naming dalawa to which she agreed. OK lang din naman daw iadd ko sya sa personal account ko. So I did & which she accepted right away. For sure, when I see her online sa FB, I’ll chat her up for a number close!
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