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TOPIC: Weekend Day Game

Weekend Day Game 6 years 1 month ago #37818

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WARNING: This would be a long read... I hope you can 'debug' it & see what are the concepts behind the convos so that you could learn something from it too. Else, I just wasted a good 10mins of your time... :silly: :silly: :silly:

Just this weekend, I was in the mood to game & sarge. I had some scheduled errands Saturday morning such as attending my nephew’s BDAY party & buying a few stuff at the mall. I figured it’s gonna be boring as hell so might as well work on making it the experience enjoyable.

I was suppose to meet my Mom & sibling at Southmall 830AM since the BDAY party was in Shakey’s Antipolo. As expected they were late so I figured might as well have breakfast as Mcdo. There were just a few people including an HB7 reading the papers & having breakfast. When I walked in, she lifted her head & we had eye contact. Instinctively, I smile at her & said good morning! She just smiled back & I proceeded to order. After that, I sat near her table & she smiled back at me. So I took it as an IOI. I grabbed my tray & sat at her table.

Sonic: (already sat at across her) Hi ulit. Pa-share ha… daming tao eh! (smiling as there were a lot of vacant seats)
HB: (Still smiling & looking if there are a lot of people) Weh, di naman eh…
Sonic: Anyway, sonic nga pala (extends my hand for a shake)
HB: (reaches my hand partially) Tin. (the hand shake was lame so I called it off)
Sonic: Dirty yung hands mo? Kasi parang nahihiya kang hawakan yung kamay ko eh.
HB: hehehhe. Di naman. Ulit uli (extend her hands again)
Sonic: (while holding her hand with just a short but firm dominant hold) Hi Tin… mmm… that explains… (smiling)
HB: Explains what?
Sonic: the awkward handshake kanina… medyo gaspang eh… (in a joking manner) you should use lotion or something.
HB: Sobra ka naman! Ang sama mo ha… (Laughing)
Sonic: Biro lang... Actually, you have soft hands... Di ka marunong ng household chores no??? heheheheh
HB: Hahhaha Well oo nga! hhehehhe
Then proceeded with fluff talk. Really had a good convo with her about a lot of stuff… Found out she’s waiting for her friends & they will be shopping. Told her I going to Antipolo for a children’s party.
Then I took out my phone to check if my mom & siblings are already there. She thought I was going to get her number so she reaches for her phone.
I didn’t get her number right there & started a new topic with her muna. Then after mga several mins, I got a text from my sister na malapit na raw sila…
Sonic: Andyan na daw sila… Ano number mo para text text tayo… (almost standing up & getting ready to leave)
HB: 0917-***-****. Sige, text mo ko ha… Wait, wait miss call mo muna ko so I could save your number!

Missed call her & then ejected.

Texted her nung nasa Shakey’s na ko… Text Game naman! (Need to appear in her radar as somebody should could just have fun with… No strings attached)

Sonic: Kmusta Shopping? So ano na mga nabili mo so far?
HB: (Replying after about 4mins) OK lang, nagtitingin pa yung friends ko ng dress eh... Ako I got underwear sa La Sensa… Kaw kmusta party?
Sonic: (replies after 10mins or so) UNDERWEAR??? Patingin ako ha!!! (Evil Smile) Let me guess… It’s either black or red or pink… or purple… Then laced or bikini sya no??? hahhahaha
HB: how’d you know… Mukhang expert ka sa ganito ah! It’s a black bikini…
Sonic: Well, it’s just one of those things every guy should know… (can’t remember what movie I got this from)
HB: As if naman papakita ko nga sya sayo no… Asa ka pa!
Sonic: Well, for sure natatawa ka na ngayon pa lang… You’re already imagining na suot mo sya & then you’re modeling it to me… Sabi ko, patingin ako… Pwede naman before you wear it, pakita mo muna sakin. Hahahahh!
HB: Mukha akong tanga dito… tawa ko ng tawa akala ng friends ko nasisiraan na ko ng bait. Di ko naisip yun ha! Hahahha
Sonic: Well OK din naman ako sa idea mo eh… Sino ba naman ako para tumanggi diba… Hehehehhe So, what did you get me?
HB: I saw a tshirt na I think bagay sayo… Pink sya! LOL
Sonic: Sige pagmagkasama tayo sa dyan sa SM pakita mo sakin ha… I wear Pink shirts & long sleeves.
HB: Really, that’s good to hear. Confident & Secure! Ang saya mo sigurong kasama… Kasi katext pa lang kita, tumatawa na ko eh… What more pa kaya kung andito ka… For sure matutuwa din yung mga friends ko sayo!
Sonic: Yey, tapos na yung party… Text na lang kita ulit next time kasi magddrive na ko…
HB: OK, text ka pagdating mo LP… Baka andito pa kami or sa town lang… we can meet up!

Di na ko nagreply kasi pag uwi ko natulog na so I have the energy para sa party ng gabi… Texted her paggising ko ng hapon around 630PM…

Please feel free to give feedback as I know there's always room for improvement.
Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game.

-Donald Trump-
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Weekend Day Game 6 years 1 month ago #37820

  • majinmore
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Nice one this is good.
Magtry din ako ng daygame kung kelan jan.

Pano pala kung ganun, sa text lang kayo nag-uusap tapos nagkikita lang kayo kapag magdate, pwede ba maging girlfriend ang ganun?

BTW i will try night game din, sa ngayon CLUB game ako, sobrang hirap (loud music etc.) kaya mag daygame muna ako. practice muna nagsisimula palang kasi hahaha!
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Weekend Day Game 6 years 1 month ago #37822

  • sonic1
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Thanks Bro.

Personal opinion ko lang ito ha... Syempre may kanya kanyang discarte tayo so others will have their different take on it.

As to your question. PWEDENG PWEDE! You mentioned na sa text kayo naguusap so that means there's already a certain level of comfort and connection between you 2. The trick is how views your personality virtually (Thru Calls, Text & Chat) should be the same as pag magkasama kayo & out on a date.

Parang if playful, makulit and medyo manyak ka virtually, dapat pag magkasama kayo, ganun ka pa rin. Di ka maiilang or bilang tahimik. It would kill the moment kasi she's already anticipating a good time with you tapos bilang tameme ka or low energy. Mawawalang sya ng gana sayo. (Happened to me a few time yung early college days ko)

Prepare/plan for the date but make it appear spontaneous. You should have an idea ano gagawin nyo, have a few topics in mind (mas ok kung about sa mga interest or hobbies nya) para di kayo mauubusan ng pagkwekwentohan.

As for the club game, it's more about your body language & projection. Not so much sa voice because of the loud music. Dapat maganda yung projection ng voice mo (Malakas) & you don't appear to be shouting. Singers use this skills. You goal here is to build as much connection with your target to get her to go you somewhere na mas tahimik (e.g. outside, etc.) so that you can have a good convo with her.

If you'll ask me, mas madali ang day game for me kasi mas marami kayong pwedeng gawin. Club game naman the mind set of the HB normally is they'll meet somebody so mas ready silang magsocialize... at least most of them are.

Tama ka, practice lang... Be sure to remember din that practice makes permanent!

Good luck bro!
Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game.

-Donald Trump-
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