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TOPIC: im new here.

im new here. 8 years 9 months ago #25591

  • brian
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just tried A1/A2/(at konti)A3 for practie marame kase sila but it works with great ftc. they really complied when i did that. pero kelangan swabe as in swabe. pati pala body rocks

pasensya na rin i need to practice with UGs daw pero sabe kase ni mystery its enjoyable by everyone so ito muna inaacomplish ko. before kase, i was to choosy ba. hanggang wala rin akong game.

me:hey is this the office for che chem?(its a department at mapua)
hb6:yeah go right there at north
me:ow thank you. meron lang akong konti minutes before sa class ko need your female opinion.(body rocks,look at the nearest clock.)
hb6: okey :)
me:i have this girl na bibigyan ko ng roses. ok lets make it this way. i just meet you, talked to you like an hour ago. then gave you a Cotton rose. what do say? :D
hb6:(flattered) well its ok then add some note there and its fine. :)
me:well how do it looks? i mean ndi ba kuripot or something.
hb6: ndi naman ayos nga lang...
me:ahahha thank you nga pla Kb.

then ejected. this happend with other hb5, and hb7. same thing happend.
pero eto yung konti A3. it happend with another hb7 and i didn't gave ftc,dhv, o A2. pero A1 with A3 agad. C1 nga sana kaso malayo yung rose ko. maganda na prove ko yung A3 pati yung neg. this happend

me:di ba class mate tayo sa math15?
hb7:yeah :)
me:ah. wala ba tayo assignment? :)
hb7:wala naman. grabe na yun. :)
me:ah ok. and natatandaan kita. classmate din tayo before sa math12 right?
Hb7:yeah! oh.
me:with sir.... (look at her shes really smiling i dont know why.) sir joseph right?
hb7:yah ou nga natatandaan ko na.
me:ahahha your bautista and name is?
me:f**k? ahahha
me: naalala ko name na yan with my friend, she was pornstar before. (just this once. :D fake it until you can make it._mystery)
me:nahihiya na tuloy ako kausapin ka.
hb7:really? ahahha
me:yeah. course mo?
Hb7:ece.. kaw?
me:why ece?
hb7:gusto ko tlga ng Archi. pero gusto kase nila.
me:again? you kiddin eh?
me:there was this my friend hb8. who's an hottie my gulay.
me:not talking to you anymore.
hb7:ahahah really? course mo?
me: ME. ako talga may gusto nito for practical for practical reason. :D
hb7:ahaha nice.
me:ok hb7 i gotta go see you later?
hb7:cge. :D

there how it end.

my sticking points here is the body rocking, practice communication, and practice A1,A2,A3. advice and comment please.. :D
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im new here. 8 years 8 months ago #26060

  • sonic1
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1st.. Kudos to you kasi you're practicing. That's always the 1st step... It doesn't matter if hb5, hb6 or hb 8/9... if you become comfortable openning up to women... looks will follow kasi you will be able & confident to approach & talk to any women you like. So pat yourself at the back & give yourself credit for practicing.

2nd... practice makes permanent... so be concious of your body language, confidence is key... watch videos sa youtube regarding body languages of confident people & try to imitate them in front of the mirror. at 1st macoconcious ka but as you get use to it... you'll see changes taking effect. practicing mo yung body language when you're talking to your friends, classmates or people being introduced to you. It'll be worth it once you've master showing confidence... kahit sa reporting mo sa classes mo, or simply when you're reciting, you notice people will want to listen to you because they could sense your confidence e.

3rd... don't over analyze... enjoy the conversation! you'll find out a lot of things from people you talk to... you'll never run out of topics if you're paying attention to what the other person is saying... routines may be useful for now but develop a routine that's custom made for you... that way your body language will be natural, you'll be more relaxed & comfortable. It's easier to talk to a person who's relaxed & comfortable...

Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game.

-Donald Trump-
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im new here. 8 years 8 months ago #26327

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Nice. Dyan rin ako nagsimula. I talk to a female every chance I get even if it a HB5-9 What I learned is you don't usually get rejected pag maayos approach mo, and dpat magmamatch tlaga ung sinasabi mo sa dating mo para sincere at d mukang fake. Learning is a life long process.
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im new here. 8 years 8 months ago #26332

  • pinoymodel
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remember its not what you say. its the character behind those words.
A person will only grow. if you constantly challenge yourself. what doesn't kill you will always make you stronger.

I'm a total frickin rock star from mars - WINNING!
- Charlie Sheen

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im new here. 8 years 8 months ago #26538

  • monsoon
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Great job! I salute your guts pare never had the courage to date a girl from mapua masyadong maliit ang campus naten.
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im new here. 8 years 8 months ago #26596

  • brian
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sonic! salamat ah! may alam k rin bang book for body language? salamat ulit.

cleo salamat din hO!

pinoymodel need to know about that topic more. salamat ho!

moonson hope you got my message. we need to talk about it more.
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