Attraction vs. Seduction: Where Most Men make Mistakes Email

Attraction vs. Seduction: Where Most Men make Mistakes

"Attraction is not a choice" - David DeAngelo

"While attraction may not be a choice, seduction is always a mutual choice; otherwise it is rape"- Ryu X

Many people equate attraction with seduction. Yeah I know, that most of us know, they're technically different, but still, most people go through life making the mistake of not knowing the difference between attraction and seduction in actual application and practice. They think that just because a woman is already attracted to you, sex follows naturally; not knowing that seduction is a different matter altogether from attraction.

And that is why most of the time, rape occurs in such a circumstance. They perceived lots of IOI's from the woman, that they think it's perfectly acceptable to sex the woman after that. They think they have to do all the work in order to get a woman to have sex with them. They've been brainwashed…

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Forming the Approach Habit for Attraction Email

Forming the Approach Habit for Attraction

"We are what re repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." - Artistotle

Most of us are awake and moving about the world during the day far more than at night. We shop, we work, we eat and we travel. For those of us who live in or near a populated area like a city, there are lots of opportunities to meet beautiful women in the daytime.

When I first arrived at university, I would go out at night with my friends to meet girls. Perhaps three or four times a week we would hit the club and spend hours approaching groups of women and hitting on them. Later, after finding the community and armed with new knowledge, I would increase this practice and often go alone to bars and clubs to meet new people and exercise my social muscle. I felt nervous at first but after a couple of approaches in an evening this feeling would fade. After that, it was as if my motor was running, I’d have a sense of flow, excitement and social lubrication. After those initial nervous conversations, I felt acclimatized to approaching strangers and could work on other aspects of my game beyond the opening.

Inevitably, the night would end, with all its various ups and downs. I’d go to sleep, wake up in the morning. Lo and behold, the next time I went out to the bar, that fear of approach was once again back to bother me.

Going out for a big session of ‘sarging’, as the community slang refers to it, is great for practicing core aspects of your game but something we are not practicing as intensely is overcoming that initial reluctance to approach, often referred to as ‘approach anxiety’. This is simply because after a couple of interactions, this feeling fades. After that initial warm-up period, we usually find the social motor is running, we’re having fun and opening without too much worry. It doesn’t last. Every time we go out, this feeling tends to crop up to be overcome once again.

It is generally accepted that this is just the way it must be. The oft-prescribed solution is to ‘burn’ through some warm-up sets to get in the right mood. But what if it was possible to greatly minimise that feeling of nervousness over time so that you could generate the momentum to approach at any time to wish without the need to ‘warm up’? What if there was a way to form a habit of approaching beautiful girls?

Picture the scene, you’re shopping for groceries, on public transport or walking down the street and you see a beautiful girl. You don’t have the advantage of the mental run-up from making a conscious decision to ‘go sarging’, you have no wingmen to spur you on, you can’t just burn through two or three sets to get on a roll and then approach the girl. You’re just going about your daily life and ‘bam!’, a hot girl appears! Do you approach? Can you approach?…

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The Art of Making Women Fall in Love Email

The Art of Making Women Fall in Love

"A loving relationship is one in which the loved one is free to be himself - to laugh with me, but never at me; to cry with me, but never because of me; to love life, to love himself, to love being loved. Such a relationship is based upon freedom and can never grow in a jealous heart" - Leo F. Buscaglia

The crisis many of you hopeless romantics and new comers to the world of beautiful women wish to understand is something known by modern romeos. It’s the art of making women fall in love. Like the formula for lust, there is a formula for love with women and your about to see the secret . I hope this simple formula may help guide you towards that experience…

Stage number One: Lust

The first and easiest step to learn is the stage of lust (and of course!). Lust is pure raw sexual attraction which is fueled threw a variety of techniques. the proper alpha way of being.

During the first stage, there should be no doubt that she’s sexually locked on to you. She will be knocking down your door to be with you because her emotional connection on various different levels will be pushing her to the bedroom. This is true of all women initially, and it’s the dirty truth women never want to tell men. That's why girls that are into you don’t stray away because it’s a simple truth of attraction. In rare cases when dealing with women who are either totally oblivious or not very confident they can mess things up but honestly you don’t want to be with those girls anyways. Why? Well because the woman you decide to settle on should be one who takes pride in herself and holds herself to the same high standard you do otherwise they’ve got to settle for friendship. Let me say it again if you see a girl, and you tell yourself "aww she’s so nice and she’s not a sex crazy women", I’d bet you 95% of the time your pretty little butterfly is more sex crazed than you can imagine. Which is totally normal and great but sex is only a small part of love boys, and before you really become men you have to realize that.

Stage number Two: Caretaking

In this stage your job and her job is to take care of one another. This means she may make you food, and you take her out on nice dates. You demonstrate you’re willing to provide for your partner's needs.

Where most men go wrong in this stage or women is they have self indulgent motives or have lied in the lust stage. If that is the case, you can’t have altruism in your relationship and inevitably it will fail. At the end of this stage you should probably have a fight that will ultimately lead to the next stage. O yeah anyone that says couples never argue or pretends that is true is in some fake relationship.

This is why boys, you must align with strong women! Not just pretty girls but girls that can take a bit of sh*t and not bail out on every thing when it gets too hard like a coward. Same goes for guys if you lie or manipulate anything in lust or even this stage, only thinking about yourself or your pleasure; you can never move on to the next stage even if she’s crazy about you... the reason being that, your relationship is not healthy and because of this it will ultimately be like a cancer to you. Which is your fault...…

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Eye to Eye: Creating Sexual Tension through the Eyes Email

Eye to Eye: Creating Sexual Tension through the Eyes

"The eyes are the window to the soul." - Old English Proverb

I was browsing through my old reports and files, and I came across something. The X Game. I remember one of my old students saying this:

"Case in point - the X Game. No one, absolutely no one has ever taught that yet aside from him... With the X Game, seduction starts even before you engage a set. How's that for a killer technique?"

It's found in this Testimonial LINK

I remember teaching the Eye Contact in X Game, and how I used it a lot to engage a lot of people, even before speaking with them, so that they will get attracted and seduced enough to initiate proximity:

"So, I did X-game in the club and by the second time I circle around (this usually takes just 5-8 minutes). This is what happened....

Sets of girls kept pulling me aside in order to number close me.

One set pulled me aside forcefully on the arm using their homosexual friend in order to open me and introduce me to their hottest chick there. I acceded, but then I had my sights set on just one woman there. So I eject.

Three other sets touched my ass without my permission. I looked behind, they just kept dancing like nothing happened (of course I knew it was an AI). Haha, I'll tell you the disadvantage of this game as early as now... be prepared to get violated physically."

Found in this Lay Report LINK

I can tell you more stories about this, and it keeps happening over and over again, with high class models and high profile people (yes, you attract what you project) coming up to me (with no interaction at all) and asking for who I am.

This is one of my highly-kept secrets of all time... and I'm about to share it with you. Better yet, maybe you should see this in action and you will learn how to do this for sure. Anyways, I decided to dwell unto this matter now... about the importance of eye contact, and how powerful it can be when you know how to use it; because I've seen and met a lot of people in the community who doesn't know how to use this to their advantage, and even spoke with a lot of people who can't even keep eye contact with me. That will hurt their game a lot, and I think it will be worth my while to talk about it, and tell you that your eyes are one of the most efficient mediums by which you can convey your aura, your confidence, and your emotions.

Why can't we maintain eye contact?

Before that, I will first explain the reason why most people are not good in keeping eye contact anymore, and thus, doesn't know how to convey their emotions through the eyes. It's actually basic, if you think deeply about it, but because of the many distractions this world had given us, we have lost this ability - maintaining eye contact and having the ability to convey ourselves through our eyes. We live in a world where we can converse with each other even without being physically present in the other's eyes. If you don't believe me, I can bet you my 1 peso coin here that, on the average, you text more persons on your cellphone than those whom you spoke with, on a normal day. The inability to maintain eye contact can also come from other factors as well, such as feeling inferior to the other person; hiding something from him/her; not giving too much respect to him/her; among others.…

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My Perception of Inner Game Email

My Perception of Inner Game

"What good is it to gain the world, if you lose your soul" - Matthew 16:26

"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours, it cannot be taken away from you, not by angels or demons, or heaven or hell." - Gautama Buddha

Inner game

Definition: The area of game that deals with one’s personal development, inner beliefs, core values, and life goals and purpose. It is concerned with the battles you face within yourself.

Many people are confused on what inner game really is, and what it is composed of.
In my point of view it is composed of of 6 elements... These are:



1. Motivation/Intent

2. Determination
3. Values
4. Self-Love
5. Self Confidence

6. Self-Control

I had arranged it in order cause I believe that self-confidence is the last to be obtained after loving yourself… more on this later.


It all starts here (everything always starts here). It is the will to change your current status and the will to get what you want and what you deserve. It is the feeling you experience when you see another great pua in field or you see a woman you really like, the feeling of burning in your stomach to get her and the fire to improve your skills and yourself.

Ex. You see someone with a gorgeous women at her side and you say to yourself...damn I should be the one in that position.

This is the first step to Change and Action. It is the “spark” that ignites the “flame”.




While motivation is the “spark” that ignites the “flame” that propels you to action and change, determination is equally as important because it is the “fuel” that would keep your flame burning up to the very end when you achieve the change that you wanted, or the goal you wanted to attain. Life is not a sprint or a 100-meter dash where you “fire up” or make a burst in a short period of time and then you achieve your goal; but rather, it is a marathon where you should not only learn how to start strong, but also learn how to finish well. This is what you need to carry yourself all the way through.


I’ve seen many people fail in this aspect. They start out very strong and motivated, but over time, their “flame” suddenly starts to wear thin and then their motivation dies out. They seldom finish what they started, even though when they started, they had a very strong motivation. They don’t know that there is a process in each endeavor, and it’s not that fast and easy as what they think it is to be initially. Nobody is an overnight celebrity or success, and we all just have to deal with it.


Trust and Respect the Process. The real meaning of life is found in the journey, not in the destination. Remember, it is only when you quit that you start failing.





Personal values to be exact. It is the core beliefs and on what you believe in, what is wrong or right for you. It is a must to develop this in your life because it is your stand point in your life and it is what makes you, YOU. It is supposed to be your OWN values not the values imposed by your friends, parents, religion and media (although they help in shaping your values). This is a result of that which you know in your heart inherently, and what you learn in this journey of life.

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The Deadly Dynamics of Power - Leadership and Control Email

The Deadly Dynamics of Power - Leadership and Control

Back in the days when I still don't have a clue about the art of attraction and seduction, I've always been fascinated with how to influence people. In this thread I'll be sharing psychological tactics ("excerpts") of influence, persuasion, attraction and seduction that I've learned, for you to get the upper hand in each and every social interaction and never feel helpless again.

(Be warned: These tactics when combined with X Arts skills, becomes dangerously powerful.)

P.S I'll be posting excerpts from a book and will be discussing it thoroughly to be understood and be putting up examples.


This is just a reminder before you all go through the journey of learning the dynamics of power.

The first thing you all have to understand is that the in this planet that we live in the most important unit is obviously PEOPLE. Without people nothing would be made no cellphones, no money not even the mouse you are holding right now would be possible if not for us PEOPLE.

People are important. Period.

We human beings have 2 powerful attributes inherent in us: our Thinking and our Social Skills. We, X Artists, with the principles that we know and with the social skills that we have, can literally make a difference in our society. Maybe you haven't realized it yet but, we have the technology that would allow us to be successful in every area of our life. It couldn't be stressed more, that by learning the dynamics of power we could spread love and positivity, not hate and chaos.

And another thing. This may sound way way off the charts, you may believe me or not; but I have have to share this with you. You may even take this concept for granted but almost all of the people I know who are living an abundant life believes this exists. It's regarding karma and we all know what it is, they say that what you say, think or do will come back to you even if you believe it or not. And if you will just do a little research it will become evident to you that every religious book that has been written a few thousand years ahead of us believes that there is such a thing. I'm not saying that you should believe this but, I know that you know just by observing people around you, you will be able to conclude that somehow it is happening.

I'm saying this because, without this basic understanding you'll just be a guy with manipulative skills and you'll end up messing yourself, the people around you and you'll just become some A-hole that just lives for the satisfaction of himself. And you'll end up in a bad way one way or another.…

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Inexpensive and Interesting Places to Go on a Date for Value Email

Inexpensive and Interesting Places to Go on a Date for Value


"Whenever I date a guy, I always ask myself: is this the guy I want my children to spend their time with?" - Rita Rudner 

So... now you have a date. Where do you take her then?

I've put together a list of interesting places to go on a date with someone. I very seldom go out on "dates", but I do when that person is worthy, and I know how to have a great time with anybody, in great places... Places you are about to be aware of as you read through the article.

Most of the places I will list here, I've been to myself, and also with a date. Furthermore, I read some from a book who planned to become a millionaire by the age of 30 and the author was really frugal that he knew where the best cheapest dates are. He's not a PUA by the way, but his knowledge on cheap dates are golden. I think the title of the book is "Millionaire by 30", forgot the name of the author. I read it entirely in one sitting in powerbooks greenbelt. I'll read it again but this time, I'll just try to remember the pertinent parts there related to dating. There are a lot of things he said but I'll try to remember to the best of my ability.

So here it is... the best and the cheapest, but quality date places to take your girlfriend/date to. The places here are general, but I named some specific places here in my hometown in the Philippines, Manila; for exemplary purposes, just because I'm more familiar with these places than any other places in the world. Though I'm sure you will find a place similar to the ones I mention in your own hometown.

WARNING: This is not just for Day 2's, but also for those who are your best friends, and especially, girlfriend/s.


1.) Museums

Remember the movie "Hitch?" They had a lot of fun in the museum right?…

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Pre-selection in Attraction Email

Pre-selection in Attraction

"Casanova: Casanova, the philosopher? Who devotes his life to the perfection of experience? Yes, I know him.
Francesca Bruni: No, Casanova the libertine, who devotes his life to seducing women.
Casanova: Well, we're obviously talking about the same person.
" - Quoted from a scene in Casanova (2005)


In the majority of Pickup Modern Literature, PRESELECTION or being preselected by other women or even men, is one of the core characteristics of an attractive male. It was adopted by different Social Dynamics guru and instructors as one of the few characteristics that we must possess or at least must be portrayed in order to be attractive to the opposite sex.…

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Finding her "G" Email

Finding her

"You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving" - Albert Schweitzer, French Philospher & Physiciain

"The great art of giving consists in this: the gift should cost very little and yet so greatly coveted, so that it may be more highly appreciated" - Baltasar Gracian, Spanish Prose Writer (1601 - 1658)

I found thie following useful article in a newspaper on Saturday. It was written by Ana Santos, a friend of mine, who's also the relationship columnist for Manila Times. She has an article that comes out under the Lifestyle Section of Manila Times newspaper every Saturday; and I think it would benefit every guy out there to read up on her stuff. She seems to be a really good writer as well.

So, without further ado, this is her article...


"Finding her G"

Why is it that for most men, finding a gift for their girlfriends is like looking for her clitoris? No matter how hard they try, they just never seem to really hit the spot. They probably get close enough to make a woman happy, but the times that they do get it right on the button are few and far between.…

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We are all Pick Up Artists from the Start... Email

We are all Pick Up Artists from the Start...

"All that we are, is the result of what we have thought" - Gautama Buddha 

First off, a title is just a title, I am X, and I wanna be the best X that I can be, regardless of whether it is a PUA, Pick Up Guru, Seducer, Boyfriend, Husband, Lawyer, Businessman, Friend or whatever. On the other hand, YOU ARE YOU, and YOU WANNA BE THE BEST YOU THAT YOU CAN BE. What's important is what we do, it's the process, not the destination, that is really the core of it all.

Secondly, granting that you need titles, STOP CONSIDERING YOURSELF AN AFC RIGHT NOW, and START CONSIDERING YOURSELF AS A LADIES' MEN OR APIMP OR A PUA OR PLAYER, or whatever it is that you wanna be. In NLP, we have a principle there, that is, "Assume the Role". If you start assuming that you're a PUA right now, then you'll start to become a PUA, start thinking like one, start doing what PUA's do, start BEING A PUA, and then start having what you wanna have.…

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