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You ever wondered why you keep getting blown out by women? That despite the fact that you had studied so many materials and had so many lessons from your friends who claim to “know the arts of attraction,” you still…….suck? You made an approach and made her giggle but somewhere along the way, her interest level went down to -53 degrees? Too cold. Brrrrr. Here’s one of my favorite questions: What about getting a number and only end up with zero reply? Hey! What about getting a reply after a date that reads something like this: You’re nice and fun but Let’ just be friends.

Wanna know the answer?

A good wingman of mine would tell you, "What she has for you is only ATTENTION, and not ATTRACTION."

It’s so easy to spot a guy in a club or in a coffee shop trying so damn hard to apply what he learned from books and “experts.” Don’t get me wrong, bro, I commend the effort. In fact, you’re the better person over  the guy who settles with Asian porn.

But hey, let’s get real. What you have is a hit-and-miss method of attracting women. You know what’s sadder? The fact that most men, who experience these conditions, actually thrive in a disillusioned life. They think they are doing just fine, indulging in temporary lifestyles. But the truth, my friend, is 1) it’s temporary; and 2) it’s not real.

However, I am but a guy who only identifies a problem. Of course, I will share a 2-step guide in solving this dilemma. I have a lot of guides. But that would make me an arrogant guru than what I already am, so let’s take two for now.


1. Hiyaaaaaaa! I’ll Bruce Lee your ass!

Here’s something I learned from Bruce Lee. He challenged so many Masters. He won but he was also defeated. But that wasn’t the point. Good old Bruce’s mission was to find out what works and eliminate what doesn’t work. He was beaten to a pulp by great Martial Artists, but who do we recognize as THE BEST Martial Artist that has ever lived? Bruce Lee. He surrounded himself with the best and persevered against hardships for the sole purpose of harnessing his craft.

Beware! The purpose of learning is not to gain every single detail of seducing women from different people. That defeats the purpose of Bruce Lee’s method of taking in important lessons and discarding unimportant ones.

Let’s take the difficulties as our examples.

You’re in a club and saw this girl with blue contact lenses and breasts enhanced by paddings. You were in love. You approached her, and got her attention. Now, you’re throwing in stories. She’s giggling. But then the interest level is simmering down. Until it’s going…going…gone! Why? Here’s why.

You are taking things too long. Your stories are fine. But you are staying in a phase for far too long. It gets so boring that I’d rather listen to a fucking dubstep playing in the background. I’d concentrate on that noise until your story becomes the background music. I’d even look for another interesting person.

The goal of an approach is to find out if this girl is worth your time. So why does escalation have to wait? Escalate with words to turn on her emotions, and then escalate physically. You’re the fun type? Then have fun but be sure to bring the craziness down a bit to start sexual escalation. Don’t be her source of entertainment. You are wasting so much energy and time that Bruce Lee would karatesize your ass.

Out on a date, say, in a coffee shop? Don’t go watching a fucking movie. Escalate! After ordering her Frappuccino with diabetes-inducing saturated sugars, go to a fun place like Disneyland. Fine, there is no Disneyland in the Philippines, but we have malls with arcade games and ice cream and videokes and cotton candies and arcade games. Yes, in that order.

Introduce her to your good friends. It’s good if these friends of yours have good personalities. You are your friends. Women judge your social circle as well. If I were you, I’d introduce her to friends who have statuses. Not necessarily rich but friends with something valuable to bring to the table. It’s also good to let her meet your friends who study the art of attraction. But, definitely, it’s waaaaaaaay better if your friends are both with good value, and at the same time, experts in the arts of seduction like these people I know.

After that, go grab a beer, or if you’re like me, a never-formal dinner with extra shots of whatever that will make you whistle because the alcohol is both smooth and burning. Never get more than 3 shots. That’s stupid. After that, bounce to your house or to some hotel. Get laid. Call her the next morning. Just call her and stop being an asshole.


2. Choose who you learn from.


Okay bro, let’s get something straight. First of all, be humble and be your best critic. Have you learned anything from your friends who happened to claim they know how to seduce women? If so, how much did you learn from them? And if you learned lessons from them, out of 10 women, how many phone numbers did you convert into dates? Now, how many women, out of those dates, had the pleasure of sharing an erotic night with you? Give a really good time to think about these questions. And yeah, answer them. Estimate if you want.

This is the time for you to really turn on that humility switch inside your mind. If you have a poor percentage, then something’s wrong. Numbers don’t lie, bro. A 1 is a 1. A 10 is a 10. Beauty is subjective where a woman may be rated as 3 for you but 10 for me. BUT, 3 sexual intercourses is 3 sexual intercourses, and 10 sexual intercourse is 10 sexual intercourses. That’s that.

Now, don’t be a dick and start doubting your friends who claim to know the formula for attracting women. One way or another, they had helped you go out there, so give them that credit. However, don’t be a dick to yourself, as well. Realizing that a process doesn’t work is good. Realizing a process doesn’t work and you ignore it is bad. Realizing a process doesn’t work yet you keep doing it is ugly.

Be humble and move on from where you are. Surround yourself with better people who have the credentials to teach you another lesson aside from what you already know. No one has the monopoly of knowledge. There are people out there who have better methods and more erotic night rates than you or your friends. They are not discriminating people. In fact, they are very welcoming to accommodate your questions and help you out on your journey to be good at something we agree upon – getting women. Convert these strangers to friends and brothers and sisters. I know one group who shattered my old set of friends’ methods in attracting women.

So there you go. Next time, I will share one of my deadliest methods in attracting women. It’s one of the Dark Arts routine I had been using since day 1. You learn this method and your attractive qualities will skyrocket from the earth to the fucking atmosphere.


SINfully yours,

Afc Pua


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