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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Let’s break it down like this:

Afc_Pua (me)

Three male University Professors (all Ph Ds)

Guy Manager

Guy from Dept of Social Welfare & Devt

Mr. Engineer


But before that, click on this link:


The 7 of us went to a resto-bar to unwind. We promised that we’ll only have 2 beers. It would turn out to be 2 cases.

All of them, literally all of them, were teasing me about how to pick up women. By then, I wished I could show them a demo just to prove that there is a formula in attracting women.

I was talking to one of the University Professors about this girl I saw and he told me he knows this girl and he can call her up if I want to. He did, and the girl went to the bar. Fair complexion, chinita, short hair, 5 foot 9 inches. A fucking model, if you ask me. Let’s call her by her real name – Serena. And as soon as she arrived, THE GAME began.

Much to my surprise, the semi-drunk guy from DSWD started talking to her, and our group sensed a very awkward vibe. He’s an AFC (Average Frustrated Chump). Finally, one University Professor asked Serena to seat beside him….beside me. I waited for their short conversation to be over, then I proceeded with a normal conversation.

“You know you are both nice and mean,” I said. “Huh? Bakit?” Serena asked. I continued with, “it was all going okay when you were smiling at what he (DSWD guy) was saying, then you’ll turn away and I caught you rolling your eyes, then turned to him and smile again, hahahaha.” She smiled. “Sshhh, marinig ka niya!” I told her, “Ang classy naman nun! Harsh, but classy. You girls have that excuse.” She said, “advantage of being a girl yun kuya.” “That’s true ate,” I said. “I hate you,” I joked. She laughed.

I proceeded with old school DHVs about my ex-girlfriends, some Nomer MindMaster Lasala, and adventures everywhere. I soon cold read her and I heard a line so cliché: “Oh my God, how did you know that?” I responded with, “Cos I’m just like you.”

I was playing with her fingers at first. But everytime I tell her something (stupid things which are utterly senseless) I’ll rest my palm on her legs. We talked about different types of kiss, different types of sexual positions, the feeling of orgasm. Hey, I’m just playing the game! Don’t hate.

Out of nowhere, a group of boys and girls entered the bar. I recognized a familiar face. My wingman, Darren. He was with four girls and a guy. When he saw me, he immediately gave me a salute and I did the same. By this time, Serena was very interested that she was talking about herself and asking stuff about me, but I wanted to talk to my friend. So I whispered with this line: “I’ll get your number later, not in front of them, then maybe, I’ll find out kung magaling kang humalik.” She smiled, I stood and walked away. She asked me, “where are you going?” And then she realized that was a social mistake. A girl asking a guy she just met where he is going is a big sin. Everyone at our table looked at her. I smiled, she turned her face away and started looking for her phone. “Hey guys, puntahan ko lang kaibigan ko a,” I told our group.

As I was approaching Darren’s table, he immediately stood up and gave me a manly hug. He introduced me to his friends and I stayed there. Did some amateurish mentalism, and hooked the set. Meanwhile, Darren was gaming this girl who was so hot, I even asked Darren if I could game her. He laughed uncontrollably. He said, “pareho talaga tayo ng taste.” I winged him and he winged me back. I was in the middle of two lovely girls who said they were from Paranaque. 

Darren knew I was gaming Serena, so he amplified that jealousy by asking the group to take sexy pictures. All the while, I was looking at Serena, and yes, she was checking out the table. Never underestimate the power of a wingman.

Oh by the way, Darren used to doubt the concept of THE GAME until I showed it to him. Darren is a convert and he never looked back since.

When I told Darren’s group that I’ll be going back to our table, a girl asked for my number. I walked away for a bit and from a distance I asked her, “Huh? Ano yun?” She loudly exclaimed, “Akina number mo!” It was music to my ears, and a noise at Serena’s, I assumed.

When I got back, Serena said, “babaero ka, no?” I simply said, “yes.” She hit me. I laughed and teased her for being a jealous brat. She said she wasn’t jealous, so I tried to be logical about it, “Kung hindi ka nagseselos, hindi mo itatanong yan sa akin at hindi ka nagkakaganyan, kasi I have had the most jealous ex-girlfriends, and I know what jealousy sounds like, so please babe, wag mo i-deny.” Much to my surprise, I got a “hmp.” I laughed again. Oh jealousy, what a nice little element to play with.Then I told her a secret - a real genuine secret about my past. She told me hers. That escalated to deeper secrets. I was playing with her fingers again, and started holding hands with her.

She asked for my number. Thru text, I said, “O my god! I’m talking to a really hot girl right now!” She laughed and replied with, “hot ba talaga yan?” I replied again, “Oo, sakto lang yung boobs pero parang nice ass.” She hit me again, and I pretended not knowing why and asked her, “what?” By this time, I was touching her inner thighs and releasing after a few seconds. Then, our group had decided to end the night.

I asked Serena if I could take a quick shower at her place and she said I have to be quiet cos she’s living with her parents. I said goodbye to Darren and his set, and bade my group goodbye. Serena and I drove back to her house and I just took a quick shower……….

Suuuuuuure...Quick shower...Riiiigggghhht.


SINfully yours,



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