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“In my head, I’m so ugly. That’s ok cause so are you.”

– Kurt Cobain, Lithium

“I don’t have sex appeal. I’m just fucking hot that all girls are drawn to me. I don’t have sex appeal.”

– Cleo


There’s a famous saying in the PUA community that goes something like this “Looks doesn’t matter.”

I just want to say that looks fucking matters. Hate me but that’s reality.

I know that this phrase is used for newbies who are not so good-looking to boost their confidence. In turn, this idea won’t add up on their million insecurities when it comes to being successful with women. Well, for me that’s a good thing, but I don’t want you to live in a fucking delusion because not knowing reality makes a lot of PUA weird in some ways. Yes, let’s make this world a better place.

First of all, looks matter. That’s why a good-looking guy gets more attention from girls than a person who is a Quasimodo look-a-like. If you are not grounded on this reality, you probably won’t cut your hair or anything to look good in order to attract women, and it’s just pathetic if you are serious on this aspect of our manly life. Yes, Quasimodo had his share of a beautiful woman but it’s Disney and you’re not living in a fucking fairytale.

My mentor always says to people who are studying how to pick-up women that looks matter only if you think it matters. I believe this 100% percent. But this phrase is not complete. It’s like the Buddha saying that enlightenment is the end of suffering. Let a spiritual guru elaborate the what Buddha said, and let me explain the meaning of the phrase “Looks matters only if you think it matters.”

Look at it this way. If you think that politics matters in the development of you as person then it will matter. You will be pissed at it. You will write a banner saying “Nancy Binay is a fucking retard!” and probably get killed by the henchmen of the Binay family. But if you don’t care about politics, like me, then it’s not a fucking problem. If you don’t give a shit then it isn’t worth shit. If your face is your problem then you can’t face your problem. Just don’t give a fuck and move on with your happy life.

There are many factors with regards to being successful with the opposite sex and looks is one of them. The other factors are confidence, posture, voice tonality, body language, frame control, height, money, and so on. What I think my mentor is trying to say is that if you don’t have this quality, good looks, then just shut the fuck up and approach women. The problem with this is that most people make their physical looks as their excuse that, consequently, makes them unsuccessful with women. Excuses are for losers. Period.

Looks matters but it’s not the only thing that matters. David de Angelo says in his book, “Attraction is not a choice.” What attracts women is personality first then looks. He doesn’t say that personality alone attracts women, so that only means that we’re on the same page here. There’s no magic bullet in the “Game”. Being successful with women has many factors. It’s like 1% body language, 1% Humor, 1% Frame control, 1% looks etc. etc.

If you’re not good looking, like my friend Dagul, then don’t make your flaws your excuse for not becoming successful with girls. There are a lot of factors in attracting women that you can work out. Some are what I have mentioned above.

With looks, you can make the most out of it. Change you’re haircut, trim your pubic hair in your nose, grow a beard (to cover your ugly face), tattoo your eyebrows and so on.

If you can’t afford a plastic surgery to look like Brad Pitt, then shut the fuck up and approach anyway. There are lot a flaws with every human being on this planet. Nobody’s perfect. If you let these flaws get in your way on getting what you want I life then you’re a disgrace to the bro code.



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