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Went out to the club last night with the owner of the gym where I workout, together with my gym instructor who I pay with laughter, siopao, and Sprite.

After some time, we finally got our table with all the beers in the world. The owner of the gym is like a local gangster here in my place so everyone was greeting us, aside of course, from his tattoos which climbed onto his face and head. Talk about first degree value with a permanently peacocked guy.

I opened sets, dance game, had two numbers, and a kiss, then, I went back to our table to cool down. Right behind me was the bar. Two minutes or so later, HBs and guys walked pass behind me and they settled at the bar. They are beautiful but one really caught my attention.


There was this 5'10" HB (HotBabe), short hair, well-dressed, that type who is a professional by day and a party-goer by night. I looked at her more from a distance. She's an 8.5. I approached her. And the game began.

Me: <looked at her from head to foot, this is my opener, hehehe>
HB: yes? <a very condescending tone>
Me: You know what they say about girls who sits on a high chair with their left leg hanging higher than their right leg?
HB: what?
Me: Logical and witty
HB: paano mo naman nasabi yan?
Me: thank you for that question, I think you are really logical! <change the subject and disqualify> but man, you are tall! What are you? 5'11”?
HB: 5'10" actually
Me: ang hirap humanap ng boyfriend pag ganyan height mo, ano'ng klaseng boyfriend nakukuha mo?
HB: mga okay lang, mayayaman.
Me: really? I know what you mean, your height dictates status. To be honest, Ii thought you're a bitch cos of your height pero naisip ko I had girlfriends na matatangkad and they are down to earth. Okay naman pala ugali mo.
HB: oo naman noh, mabait naman ako.
Me: <key script >you know, i really wanna get your number and text you pero I think it's too early for that, so let's know each other first. Is that alright?
HB: sure
Me: so i wanna know you more on a deep level, ready?
HB: sige
Me: what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
HB: hahahahaha,

said hi to her friends, made a bubble by teasing, future projections, being cocky, role reversal

HB: so you working?
Me: Yep. <back turn, hehehehehehe - simple compliance>
HB: heyyyyy, soooooooo, what's your work
Me: Oh yea, do you see those three guys?
HB: Yes.
Me: I'll get back on that later <opening thread 1>. Anyway, I make people buy what they think they need but actually they don't <opening thread 2>.
Me: Huh? Paano yun?

HB: It's like this... You know when I was a kid, I used to go to my lolo's room. There maghahanap ako ng suit niya. I'd put them on and kunwari I'm a business guy. Sobrang ang hahaba nun. I think I was 6 years old then. I even have my imagined car and imaginary business associates. I'd go in a tall building. Very wide! People are there taking calls, some are smiling and others are serious. All of them greet me 'good morning' and all of them on their office get-up. Then I'd hop on the escalator na sobrang taas to my office. Di pa kasi uso saken ang elevator nun e (True story, I’m a dumb kid).


Then I'd conduct a meeting in front of people. At the end of the day, we'll shake hands and go home. I grew up with that dream. Never let it go. Managing the marketing department now and conducting meetings is what I do. Although I don't really work hard, I have this book 4HWW pero that's another story. <Closing Thread 2>

HB: Wow. Grabe ka nung bata ka a! Pero That's nice
Me: Ay oo! <no transition> actually, I had a girlfriend when I was 7 years old. Her name was Sandra. She was so cute! We'd share sandwiches tsaka ice candy. We were the perfect couple. Then came Gary. He has leather jacket. Inagaw niya saken si Sandra. Broken-hearted ako ever since.

HB: Hahahahahaha. Awwww. wawa ka naman!

Me: So who did you choose?
HB: Saan?
Me: Dun sa tatlong guy kanina? Sino pinakapangit? <closing thread 1>
HB: hahahaha. I’d say the emo guy, then the guy on blue collar, tas yung isa.
Me: So who is the guy you wanna kill, you wanna get married with, and you just want to have sex with?
HB: Yuck!
Me: Kunyari lang if you don't have the choice or else B1 and B2 would go inside your ass?
HB: Hmmmm... Si emo gusto ko patayin, si may kulay ang buhok, pwede ko na pakasalan, and blue collar is so-so sa sex
Me: Yuuuuuuuck! Eeeeeew! Baba ng taste mooooo!
HB: hahahahahah...kaw e.

Laughed and all... Introduced her to my two friends. Introduced her friends to my friends. Shot.

Me: You know what's funny?
HB: What?
Me: We've been talking for some time now pero we don't know each other’s' names.
HB: Oo nga no.
Me: I'm ------.
HB: Lyn.
Me: What do you do?
HB: I'm a lawyer.
Me: I see. That's nice. That means you like 69 and a lot of licking.
HB: hahahahahaha! paano mo naman nasabi yun?
Me: Well, ganito kasiiiiiiiiii....No, actually, i don't know, I just wanted to say that as it is. Hahahahahahaha
HB: Hahahaha

-Some conversations I can’t discuss here because it’s X Arts Exclusive-

HB: You are so naughty! Bad boy ka noh? Ilang beses mo na ginawa to sa mga babae mo?
Me: Tingnan mo ugali mo! Pinaparatangan mo pa ako e kayong mga babae ang kinakawawa kaming mga lalake. Gusto na nga kitang ligawan pero naisip ko may quality kang ayaw na ayaw ko.
HB: What's that?
Me: Hindi ko pwede sabihin. Baka kasi mapikon ka.
HB: Nooo! Tell me, please.
Me: Baka kasi katulad ka rin nila. Gagamitin lang katawan ko, tapos itatapon lang kung saan saan after kong magperform. Huhuhuhu.
HB: Kapaaaaaal!
Me: Tsaka we're too similar. We can't be together. We're gonna have dinner dates. Then sex. Then fight. Then make up sex. Then dinner. Then sex. Then fight. Make up sex, fight, make up sex, make up sex. Mamamatay tayo.
HB: Hahahaha. You are so naughty.
Me: You are sexy Lyn. Come with me kung kaya mo attorney.

dance floor, kissed, kino (sensual touching), A LOT OF FUCKING KINO, kissed her here and there, kissed again, holding hands, etc., every person - guy and girl - was looking at us, then back to the bar

HB: How old are you?
Me: Guess...
HB: I give up.
Me: hahahaha. you are such a girl. i'm 24 attorney.
HB: You’re 24? I'm 27. Ambata mo pa! Dami ka pang...
Me: Objection your honor! Leading!
HB: What?

Me: Madam, you are illogically assuming- stating my birthdate as your exhibit A, while in fact, exhibit B you locking your lips with mine a moment ago discredits your assuming statement and exhibit C clearly defines that LEADING your hand to the dance floor all the way to my heart is the way to go.

HB: Tang ina! Overrule! Hahahahaha dance floor ulit.

Me: I wanna get your number.
HB: I have a boyfriend.
Me: I understand. So what's your number?
HB: I can't, pinag-aral ako ng bf ko that's why I'm a lawyer na.
Me: Okay. No problem. If you are happy with him, then I have no right to ruin it.
HB: No, I'm not happy. It's just... I can't explain.
Me: I got two minutes.
HB: Hahahahaha.

-my new darkarts™ routine-

HB: Tangina. Gusto ko na huminga, be free, and everything you've said.
Me: Is that you telling me we can have sex now?
HB: Are you gonna pay for it?
Me: <hohohohoho> I just...want to be with you tonight.
HB: Paalam lang ako.
Me: Okay.

There you have it. Did someone say the more professional-high status the girl is, the harder to game her? Suuuuuuure! The more intelligent a woman is, the more game-able she is. Period.





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