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Is sex dirty? Only when it is being done right.

- Woody Allen









After months and months of watching porn, after countless days of perfecting your seductive finesse, after grueling hours of shaving your pubic hairs, that pretty chinita girl you just met was crazy enough (or too drunk) to ride with you to those red buildings with a Japanese woman holding a fan in front of her face. The night of all nights has come and the gods of sexiness blessed you this time when there is a full-moon and the stars shine like diamonds..........


Then you came without her. Not a pretty sight and definitely not very satisfying according to women. Well, our very own Alpha Wolf shares his thoughts on how to avoid this and how to make the lovemaking more satisfying. Why you should read on Ryu's thoughts? Because the guys from UNO Magazine approve this message.


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5 Things Women Want in Bed that They Don’t Want to Tell You


Admit it. We think about this all the time. We secretly wonder what we lack in sexual prowess and what we do wrong every time we "do the deed?" However, we do not ask our fellow male friends, for fear of ridicule. Ironic, because almost all men have the same thoughts and challenges in this area, yet we don’t discuss it. On the other hand, if we ask women, they probably would not tell us.


Thank the heavens for UNO Magazine then. I’ve compiled the things that women would prefer you’d do or not do in bed, and listed the top 5.


Here they are:

1. More foreplay please!

 "What is foreplay?" – Really now? If this was the first thought that came into your mind 15 seconds ago, then you need to stop watching porn videos!

Foreplay is the appetizer before the main course, the warm-up before the work-out, or the calm before the storm… Foreplay is all about getting to know each other's body better. This is where you check for her physical responses and reactions to certain stimuli. This is also the part where you try to "arouse" each other sufficiently enough to want to have carnal knowledge.


2. Last longer.

Women take longer than men to climax, so wait for her! That means, no premature ejaculating and learn to pace yourself.

In short, don’t "come" without her, if you know what I mean.

Either last longer during sexual intercourse, or do more foreplay.

Trust me, if you’re consistently able to do this, you’d have already beaten around 80 – 90% of the men she slept with.


3. More dirty talk.

Men are visual creatures while women, on the other hand, are more attuned to their auditory sense (hearing); so learning how to talk dirty is a great way to arouse her.

Women would never tell you to do this, and they won’t even initiate this type of conversation for fear of being judged negatively. It’s up to you to initiate this and find out when she’ll contribute to the conversation, not withstanding all her moans and wordless sounds.


4. Stop asking permission and lead!!

Nothing screams "boy" louder than one who always asks for permission before doing something. Being a real man involves taking the initiative and apologizing later, if wrong; rather than always asking for permission for fear of being wrong.

That’s because women expect their men to dominate them; and take them to a wild and exciting sexual journey where the men are the drivers and they are in the passenger seat, hoping to experience something new.

Try something new and don’t ask for her permission. Lead the dirty talk. Be the first to take her hand and put it where no other person had been.

Be a man, not a boy.


5. More eye contact, caressing and kissing.

Sex is not all about a inserting a long thumb-looking object into a hole. If this was the case, then women would no longer need men, and you’ll witness the banana industry skyrocket to an all-time high.

Sex is an emotional activity for women, and involves all senses of the body compared to men who focus only on the touching and visual senses.

In fact, if women had a 6th sense, they’d involve that as well.

When having sex with her, stop to kiss her lips occasionally, if not frequently. Caress the other parts of her body, and kiss it. This indicates to her that you appreciate every area of her body. Making eye contact during sexual intercourse is a very strong and intimate act; and would really form a strong bond between the 2 of you. You know what they say – "The eyes are the window to the soul."

If women had their way, they’d want me to list everything here; however, due to the limited space we have, I'll just leave you with a tip for future reference: It's true that women won't tell you what they’d wish you’d do in bed; nonetheless, they will indicate it to you. Read between the lines. Be sensitive to her and you will know what she badly needs from you.


Sidebar: 3 foreplay tips

- Erogenous > Sexual Areas. Focus more on the erogenous areas of her body rather than the sexual areas. While touching, caressing and kissing (yes, in that order) her erogenous areas, slightly brush her sexual areas from time to time.

- The slower, the better. Different women have different speed preferences when it comes to foreplay. A rule of thumb is to keep on doing foreplay until she can no longer take it and wants you, or better yet, begs you to have sexual intercourse with her.

- It starts outside. Foreplay is not limited to the bedroom. Aside from kissing, talking dirty in public is a great way to increase each other’s buying temperature. Other instances include smelling her neck and brushing your hands across her thighs and waist; or playfully patting her ass or touching her chests. Yes, that may sometimes be taboo, but that’s what makes foreplay in public exciting.



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