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I'm an avid traveler. I do travel a lot because of my job. I get to mingle with people of all colors, shapes, sizes, status, and scent. Consequently, I meet a lot of women. That's one reason why I'm comfortable with all kinds of women.

But what if you're on that next vacation? What if you're going to a place, familiar or new, and your new purpose is to seduce? Paula, a gorgeous and intelligent Amici of X Arts, will give you that crash course. It's all about The Game.


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A Quick Guide to Temptation Island

How can a tourist get the most from his first time visit to a certain place? Let me share with you my quick guide to meeting and mingling with the locals.


On a recent trip to Davao, I was quite amazed not only at the place and its rich culture; I was also quite taken by the locals living there. I went to Davao for business reasons and being a tourist, I figured “How can I get to know the place, people and culture in a span of 3 days?”

Here’s what I did. Being new, I did a little bit of research about DavaoCity. Searching material on the internet helped me so much that I was able to get a taste and feel of the people, culture and humor while managing to learn a few Bisaya words as well!

It’s surprising how a little bit of research did wonders to my stay there. Not only were the locals at ease with me but even the women call me by my name now! You can actually get to know a lot about a certain place simply by talking to its locals compared to actually exploring their geographic locations After all, that is what the seduction skill set is for. You get information, and fast!

Upon arrival, first thing I did was go to the most popular night club in DavaoCity. Why a popular night club? For the same reasons any new comer wants: connections. The night club will give you a general overview of the people and its culture along with getting acquainted with key figures who are most probably influential in the real world.

Sorry to disappoint my many readers, but though it was tempting to pick up women on the first night, I did not. I simply made friends. The key was not to hit on women, because you will eventually be needing them as your allies. Developing a base ‘social circle’ was important (and this is where your new female friends will come in handy) which came quite easy since you’re new and nobody would reject a tourist (especially if you’re utilizing a non-threatening approach).

After breaking the ice and making the initial introductions, the next step was to build deep rapport with one woman who was very connected. This is where you will have to utilize all your skills to ‘seduce’ the most popular woman in the area. If not her, then at least one in her social circle. Again, I reiterate the importance of developing your social base first, and in this case, your new female friends. This makes it easier to navigate through the women and focus on one specific person that you want.

Once you have made the friendships, it’s just a matter of keeping in touch and maintaining the relationship. So the next time you visit any new place for the second time, the people and culture will fit like a glove.

As to my lady friend, the rest is history.  


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