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X Arts believe in gender equality. We despise men who think women are secondary creatures. We also think that men who consider women as god-like entities are stupid. Both will kill your chances in meeting amazing chics. Especially, the latter.


For that, I present to you our very own Amici (woman/sister/confidant/a-shoulder-to-cry-when-we-get-rejected/bully of X Arts). Her name is Femme Fatale.


SINfully yours...


"...if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything." - Marilyn Monroe

Girls are naturally state-dependent, the key is to make her FEEL GOOD because when she's feeling good, her state of rationality disappears. That little checklist of what she wants in a guy (car, money, beach house, whatever) just completely take a back seat and what's important is the HERE AND NOW WITH YOU.

You're addicting like a drug. Give her a slight taste of the narcotic and pull it away before her mind even gets to register the sinful bliss. Teasing her, taunting her and keeping it "just" out of reach till she's crazy for it.

The push/pull(s) you do only intensify her craving of you. Take your time because it takes a little longer to heat up a woman than it would a guy, but start your engines because once you turn her on, you better hold on for the ride.

+++ [BONUS] Get the unfair advantage:
vibe is very important, for all the Ross Jeffries students out there..... I cannot stress the importance of showing up attractive even before you speak. Body language is a major part, but it’s more your actual presence and being-in-the-moment-fun-daring-Casanova-and-f***ing-owning-it that matters. I'm telling you nothing is sexier than a guy who's on fire and who's having fun. Incorporate playfulness. Don't take anything seriously and like the song lyrics go "we don't even have to try, it's always a good time".




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