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 "Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the DEVIL says, 'Oh crap. She's up.'"



"Know what? Bitches get stuff done."

- Tina Fey










Let me be very honest about this. I guess you deserve some blatant frankness.

Do we like women of power? Actually it depends. I can’t really say all men like the idea that a woman of their choice is of higher status and of higher value than them. Some men think that if their female partners are richer, more popular, more valuable, and hold a type of power in a company, agency, or in a community, they lose their manhood. Their pride is on the line. I think these men should consult a psychiatrist. They are as weak as a racing horse on a coma.

There are some men who prefer less powerful women. They are the ones who like BDSM and maybe some of the few who really enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey. Hey, that’s their preference. I don’t judge.

Personally, I love women of power.

3 reasons.

One, powerful women are sexy. They have this Queen-like aura. I like an “astig” girl who can back up that “astig-ness” with concrete evidence. You see, I’m a believer of equal rights for women. Women shouldn’t just be in the kitchen to make me a sandwich, although that’s a plus. Women deserve the same rights as men in this macho society. And women who rise up to that challenge, women who deviate from a rotting hegemony of gender difference, women who create another dichotomy that says, “I kick ass too,” and women who put efforts to be the rockstar that they are, that, in its very essence, is fascinatingly sexy!

Two, they are on a pedestal. Except this time, I’d climb that high pedestal…naked.

Look here. It is my strong belief that men should not put women on a pedestal. They are not goddesses to be worshipped. Goddess. That in itself is music to women’s ears. But wait right there. Let me explain myself.

Girls, firstly, mythical goddesses are fat. Zeus’ favorite kid,  Athena, was fat. The goddess of beauty, Aphrodite? Fat. The beautiful Venus was obese. Look at the statues in Rome and Greece and show me a goddess with abs. Nada. Still want to be a goddess? (I got this information from my girlfriend. Credits go to you, girl.)

Secondly, men must treat women as their equal and not some mythical creature on a pedestal. Women are humans too. The fact that you adore her too much is the same reason why you can’t get her. If you think she’s all that high and mighty, you won’t get respect from her. You’re not a potential partner. You’re just a fan.

However, those reasons are compromised if a girl is of high importance and of high status. You can never deny that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is on a pedestal made of gold, emerald, and British accent. By the way, her real name is Kate Middleton.

If a girl is a band’s vocalist who travels the world to sing her songs in front of 10,000 people, she deserves an expensive dinner-for-two menu courtesy of Chef Gordon Ramsey with me. If a girl is the CEO of a music company, she deserves a marriage proposal.,,with a pre-nup agreement that if ever we separate because of ice cream flavor differences, I get half of her wealth.

But I’m taken so baby if you’re reading this, I said that under hypothetic circumstances. I love you my goddess!

Lastly, women in power are sexy because they make us look good. A friendzone-favorite guy getting an NBSB girl makes him look cool. A regular guy dating Ms. Universe 2012 First Runner Up Janine Tugonon is not so regular*. A husband who drives her politician wife to the office is a boss. Ever heard of the name First Gentleman Mike Arroyo?

See here’s the thing. When you date a powerful girl, this makes you powerful as well. Power is shared instantly by association alone. Not just a simple association. You’re sleeping with a powerful girl for crying out loud!

Value = Power

The higher your value, the higher your attractive qualities gets. These attractive qualities transcend physical looks. Same goes for both sexes. It is not just having a pretty face alone anymore. Jay-Z is married to Beyonce Knowles. Saying she’s hot is an understatement and Jay-Z is not the best-looking guy in the market. Having high value the ultimate determinant of attraction but it certainly is vital to courtship. The higher you are in a given status quo, the more valuable you are. We are talking about social worth. And that power, my friend, is damn sexy.

So, do men find powerful women sexy? Without a doubt, yes! They should find her sexy. She’s alluring. She’s seductive. She’s tempting.

But then again, men might just love women... period


*This article was written back when The Janine Tugonon issue happened. And you know what happened after that.





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