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“Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it.” 
― Candace BushnellSex and the City


Janine Tugonon. Jaypee Santos. The Script. KrisTV...


It’s all over the news. Ms. Universe First Runner Up Janine Tugonon broke up with Jaypee Santos. One of the many factors is rumored to be in connection with the vocalist of the band, The Script, Danny O’Donoghue.


You’re a moralist? Get the hell out of here because this is going to be raw and brutal. I’m a straightforward guy so let me be direct. There are two things I want to discuss here among any other things.


I. Average Frustrated Chump


Oh yes. The AFC. He belongs to the largest percentage of modern men who fails to attract women. But does Jaypee Santos belong in this category by that definition alone? Let’s complete the definition of an AFC.


He is usually the “nice guy.” He has an idea on how to attract women. That includes being nice, being affectionate, being there for her emotionally and physically, and being the all-around guy. A prince, if you may. All of these – a package of doom. Well, sort of. Not totally.


It's not wrong to treat your girlfriend like the Queen that she is. But you are wasting a lot of effort. You don’t agree with me?


If you’re a beautiful girl who has this kind of boyfriend and you know you will fight for him until the Second Coming of Christ, you’re one very blessed person. If you don’t have this kind of a boyfriend, well, you could have got one but you said no to this wonderful man when you threw him in a trashcan labeled, “FRIENDZONE.”


Well, where does Jaypee slide in this picture?


Ms. Janine Tugonon and Jaypee Santos had been dating for more or less 7-8 years. That’s a very long relationship. And inside a relationship, POWER is either mutually distributed or held more by one individual. In this case, it looks like Jaypee surrendered some of that power to his girlfriend. Such is the command of devotion. It's not wrong in theory but detrimental in real life.


What happens when this dynamics takes place? Men who are supposed to be THE MAN become engulfed with the feminine energy. And then from a very pretty girl, she turns into the most beautiful woman in the country  - more power and status for her. When this happens, a new balance takes place. That is, SHE IS THE CAPTAIN OF THE relationSHIP.


Boys, it’s time to be THE MAN. It’s time to man up. Be in-charge and take responsibility. You can put her on a pedestal as long as she recognizes that you are her man. It’s female psychology to be carried away by a handsome prince. Be firm and manly to give her that by proving to her, day in and day out, that you’re manning up to the challenge. Stop being pussies.


She’s Ms. Universe, Ms. World, Ms. Barangay Sipat-Sipat? Prove to her that you are the fucking Alpha Male. Prove to her that she can be the most powerful woman on earth, but at the same time, the weakest little girl who will always long for your arms. Show her that you are here NOW and you are going to be here as long as she earns your respect.


It’s hard to attract women when you are an AFC before a relationship, it’s either you get dumped or you get “lucky” hooking up with that dream girl of yours. And when you get lucky but continue to be an AFC, you will lose her. Believe me, I've been there.


Ever heard of the shitty line, “it’s not you, it’s me, let’s just be friends?”


II. Being comfortable and not being sexual.


So you’re with her. Great! The heavens and earths kissed torridly as it happened. Time passed and now you’ve become comfortable. It’s boring and it’s dull. What’s new?


Here are some facts about boring and dull relationships:


  1. You have nothing to talk about so you replace good conversations with petty fights that turn into big major wars.
  2. You only want sex from each other but right after that, you’re both bored. Then one or both of you fantasize about having sex with other people.
  3. And when number two happens, you just acquired a disease worse than AIDS – JEALOUSY.


Be attractive. Not because you got the perfect girl and the world sees it, you will stop being attractive.


When was the last time you shaved your balls? When was the last time you swam the Pacific Ocean? When was the last time you hang out with your nieces and played hide and seek? When was the last time you got that bad-ass haircut? When was the last time you thought you were INTERESTING?


You see looking good and being interesting are two ingredients of attractiveness. Take note, I said “looking good” not “good-looking.”


You may have the money, the genius of Tesla, and the looks of George Clooney but if I put you with other guys inside a club, all of those disappear into oblivion if you don’t know how to be INTERESTING.


And that gets worse when you are in a relationship.


You are in love with her so much that your world revolves around this beautiful girl. You declared all the cheesiest pick up lines ever known to exist that it was almost Shakespearian, and she giggled. That was two years ago. Your chessy lines are like the series of FRIENDS. They’re just reruns.


And when you think you have uttered what’s needed to be said, here comes a Rockstar with that seductive British accent and love songs about love, and poof, she slowly checks him out. You can call it cheating or whatever, but..............

only if you have looked at her like the first day you met her; only if you pulled her away from the crowd for a moment to whisper, “you look beautiful wearing that dress, I can’t wait to take it off later;” only if you had been very sexual.


Again moralists, stay out of this because you hate facts. I warned you on the first sentence!


Women love sex. Get over it. That’s a fact. Being sexual with her means you are respecting that side of her which the society repressed her to feel about. That is also a fact. But have no mistake about it, she loves sex. And when she gives her all to you, you must be accountable in making her feel really good. That’s how you handle a relationship. If that sounds like a jerk speaking, then let it be, because THAT is a fact.


Being sexual means being unapologetic that you are sexual. Being sexual means you want her to feel that she is a woman who deserved the best from you. Being sexual means she can trust you with her emotions and insecurities.


Lastly, I am very sorry that rumors were spread against the couple. The real story has been distorted by the media. However, the essence was very evident especially when the woman spoke about it.


Jaypee Santos is a guy like us. And most people in this community experienced what he is currently going through. And for that, as a brother, we despise it. As a guy who has heard a lot from nice guys and who himself got LJBF by his ex, I know how much it hits your ego like Pacquiao’s left hook. Yet, you stand steadfastly because you want to hold on. Jaypee Santos is the perfect example of a great man. He stays and waits for his one true love. Fidelity is a big issue and Jaypee is trying his best to be the good guy. True love never disappoints. People do.


I want to get a one-on-one with him privately and tell him something he hasn't heard before. Well, we don’t really need anything from him, not his money most especially. But one thing is for sure. We have an offer you can never resist. You got our number brother. One hour is enough, and you can walk away after that. Or maybe, you won’t have the time to listen at all which is, of course, fine with us.


SINfully yours…



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