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That’s why you play the game to the zero.” – LeBron James, 4-time NBA MVP, 2-time NBA Finals MVP, 2-time NBA Champion, celebrity endorser and mega-superstar athlete.

Every strike brings me closer to my next homerun” – Babe Ruth, legendary baseball player.

Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit” – Vince Lombardi Jr.

Yeah, LeBron James. The NBA Regular Season MVP, Finals MVP and finally, 2-time champion. The 2013 NBA Finals have already ended, yet a lot of people are still not over the fact that the Miami Heat won against the San Antonio Spurs during the championship series. As most of you are probably aware of, Game 6 was the most crucial game of the series. It is perhaps, the most epic Game 6 in the history of sports.

To tell you about it, during this game, the Spurs, 1 victory away from winning the championship, were leading by 5 points with under 30 seconds left in the final quarter when the Miami Heat’s LeBron James made a 3-point shot at the 28-second mark. The Spurs were fouled and they made one free-throw, making it a 3-point game with 19.4 seconds to go... then this happened:

The game eventually went to overtime which the Heat went on to win it by 3 points. Eventually, the Heat won Game 7 to win the championship.

Nobody thought the Heat would still win, being down by 5 with less than 30 seconds to go. In fact, a lot of the fans were already leaving and the yellow rope was already brought out by security to prepare for the ensuing championship celebration by the Spurs after they win this game. But the Heat had other thoughts.

Anyway, I’m no basketball expert. I’m not here to write an expert analysis of how the Miami Heat were able to beat the San Antonio Spurs. As lead date and lifestyle coach of X Arts, I’d like to relate this to approaching women and dating success.

Persistence and Perseverance

One thing we could all learn from LeBron James and the Miami Heat is the quality of persistence and perseverance. They persevered and never surrendered even though 90% of basketball teams in the NBA would have under the same circumstances. And now you know why only 10% of people in general are successful. The game ain’t over until the clock hit ZERO.

In social interactions, especially in approaches (for you approach freaks out there), there is one thing you should expect – you don’t get what you want on the first attempt 90% of the time. Like in approaching for instance, most people give up when the girl rejects their attempts at initiating conversation or introducing themselves. Had they waited a few seconds more, they might be having a good interaction.

To give you a concrete example, this is what happened to us during one of our Bootcamps. We, my client whom we’ll call “G” and I, were outside a mall in The Fort area and we approached two women while they’re walking. We stopped them, and then this conversation ensued:

  • G: Hello. I just want to ask a couple of questions, you see my sister’s birthday is coming up and I was wondering what the best gift to give to her and would like to have you opini….
  • Me: (this is bullshit. We don’t need to go indirect on these “pa-tweetums” girls) Stop that bullshit man. Be honest. Tell them you want to introduce yourself and get her name and number.

G, not being aware of the change in plan, was appalled and didn’t know what to say next. I changed the plan midway because I noticed these 2 girls are cool and that going indirectly with them (which was the original plan) would not be the optimal option. And yeah, because I’m just tired and wanted to go directly for the jugular. That’s calibration for you right there, adjusting the game plan in the middle of the game to adapt to the situation for the most optimal result.

In the meantime, the 2 girls smiled, looked at each other and then laughed, then turned their backs on us, then walked away. Okay, at this point, most guys would consider that as a rejection… that we made a mistake in changing our game plan by going direct. But to me, I considered that part of the game so I ran up to them, went in front of them, and the 2nd half of the interaction occurred:

  • Me: Excuse me, why are you so rude? You just turned your backs on us without informing us that you were leaving. (I said this in a light, smiling way)
  • Girl 1: Sorry about that. I just thought you were going to recruit us in a MLM or something.
  • Girl 2: Yeah sorry about that.

I was wearing a long-sleeve polo, three-fourths and untucked with necktie that time. And I had my eyeglasses on. Yes, I was that good, that I can be mistaken for a professional salesmen whenever I approach people. Yeah, other sales agents could learn a thing or two from us...

So after assuring them we’re not here to recruit them to anything, we had a good interaction, my guy G spun the other girl and flirted with the 2 of them. G was able to get their names and numbers (after some resistance since they both have boyfriends) and then we left to continue the Bootcamp. Oh, this is just one example out of a million that we had where the girl rejected us and we just got them to warm up to us eventually.

Most people give up too easily, and when they do, they’ll tell their friends that they got blown out of the set or the interaction. The truth is, the women did not blow you out of the interaction, you did. Think about it.

The bottom line is, don’t expect the girl to warm up to you immediately and just say yes on the first few minutes of the interaction. Don’t forget, you are a stranger to her, of course she won’t be all over you instantly, unless you’re talking about easy that is.

Same goes for escalation instances... Never give up. My rule is, better for the woman to be explicit with her rejection than just impliedly. Persevere and keep on plowing until she says no. As one popular pick-up artist once said “Make the Hoe Say No”.

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