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“Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.”
- Denis Waitley,
American Motivational Speaker and Author of Self-help Books.


"He who wants peace must prepare for war."
Claudius [Tiberius Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus] (10 BC-54 AD)
4th Roman Emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty


“Amidst the Turmoil of Events,
Do Not Lose your Presence of Mind: Counter-Balance Strategy”
– Robert Greene, from his book The 33 Strategies of War, Strategy # 3

       I hate bullies. My decision to become a lawyer was influenced by the fact that lawyers can’t be bullied, and may even bully bullies. On the other hand, my decision to become a professional attraction expert/date coach was influenced by the opportunity to learn how to deal with anyone  including bullies.



        It’s been all over the news. China has been bullying Philippines over a territorial dispute involving a “shoal” (more easily referred to as an island although it’s technically different) located on the West Philippine Sea or South China Sea, depending on who you ask.

      The shoal in dispute is the Scarborough Shoal. Geographically, it is located much nearer to the Philippines than China. In fact, it is located inside the Philippines’ 200km Exclusive Economic Zone according to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, so therefore it should belong to the Philippines. Why is China then claiming it as its own? China even sent gunships to Scarborough Shoal to deter Philippine boatmen and the navy from entering the island.

       We can argue back and forth about whom between the Philippines and China has the right to stake its claim on the territory but only 1 thing is consistent here: China is doing this because IT CAN, and they know the Philippines can’t do anything about it.

      In terms of military force and might: China > Philippines. Not even close. The Philippines is so weak it can’t even mount a decent defense in case push comes to shove. You will note that China can’t bully Taiwan as much as it can bully the Philippines. Taiwan, at least can mount a fierce defense compared to the Philippines.


Why is the Philippines Weak?

       The reason is that, the Philippines simply did not prepare for war. Why Because maybe we all thought that since this is peace time, there’s no need to prepare for war. Everybody loves us anyway, right? Nobody would want another world war in today’s era of nuclear-powered weapons.

     The Philippines even sent the United States Forces away from their former base in Clark and Olongapo (20 years ago) to show to the world that we’re independent, patriotic and peace-loving.

     This thinking is flawed. Reality is, there will always be unexpected situations and not all of them are going to be unfavourable to you. That situation could be anything, and it could be war. Not preparing for the worst while thinking that nothing wrong can happen will always lead to something or someone getting fucked up at some point in the future.

       The general rule in life is “Expect the Best, Prepare for the Worst”. The Philippines only followed ½ of this practical and useful proverb.


Relation to Seduction?

       How is all this current events affair then related to seduction?

    Well, the same things happen in seduction as well. 1 of the most common mistakes people make is thinking that everything in an interaction will go smoothly. They read all these routines, tactics and techniques, or hear stories about how others were able to successfully seduce their girl, that they think that when they do the same, they expect the same exact reaction, and same exact scenario.

     They think seduction is a definite science, and other gurus would have you believe the same so they can sell you their products or classes. However, when there’s friction (discrepancy between reality and theory) happens and an unexpected, unfavourable, awkward or abnormal situation arises – such as when the girl don’t react to their techniques or some 3rd party enters the picture such as their guy friend trying to intimidate you – these guys aren’t prepared to handle it, and then they blow it off.

    Seduction would naturally include a lot of friction, as with all other things in life. There would be a lot of resistance coming from the part of the girl you’re seducing, and it’s natural. Challenges are present everywhere and nothing ever goes smoothly. Seduction is not smooth, it’s messy, it’s scattered, it’s chaotic, disorderly and difficult to plan out. Only a person who’s very experienced can make order out of chaos and thus, it would look orderly and organized. Otherwise, there’s lot of friction, especially to those starting out.


Handling Unexpected and Unfavourable Situations:
Crucial to Success

   Your ability to handle unexpected, unfavourable, uncomfortable, uncertain, tense or awkward situations would determine your success in life.  You must learn to thrive in chaos – acknowledge it and embrace it. Learning to do that would give you the ability to handle it. Also, experience in a lot of these situations would help a lot in dealing with them later on in the future.

       So how do we do that?

  1. Don’t be avoidant of uncomfortable situations. Like we always say in X Arts, the only way to improve is to get out of your comfort zone. In fact, view it as challenges, not as problems. You should face the situation head-on, embracing every moment of it and dealing with it. Don't be like most people who just whine about how unlucky they are when unfavourable situations beset them.
  2. You may indulge yourself in uncomfortable situations. I purposely put myself in uncomfortable situations just to know what and how it feels so that next time, I will have an easier time handling it because it won’t be so unexpected anymore.

     An example would be when I was reviewing for the bar examinations back in 2010. During our review, we would have these “mock bar examinations” wherein we would be simulating the conduct of bar examinations as if we were being tested for the real thing. Most of my colleagues would study hard to review for the mock bar, just to see how they could fare if the exams took place that day.

     However for me, the mock bar has an additional purpose – it was an experiment. I would constantly test myself for the most uncomfortable and undesirable situations during the mock bar so I would be prepared for any situation that happens to me during the actual bar examinations. How did I do that? I would try various situations, such as not sleeping before the day of the mock bar, or not studying before, or being sick during the exam or arriving late during the exam. I tried all of these things so that when it comes to the real thing, and 1 of the above circumstances happened to me, I would not be too frustrated and I would be able to handle it.

     The only circumstance that happened out of all those I’ve enumerated above, is the lack of sleep. It didn’t bother me because I WAS PREPARED FOR THE WORST. Sure I expected the best to happen to me during the exams, but that didn’t stop me from preparing for the worst as well.

      This is the same reason we do sparring before every match in boxing or mixed martial arts, or we do military bootcamps and trainings – when it comes to the real thing, you’re not so uncertain anymore and will be able to deal with anything. The harder the training, the easier it is for you to handle the real thing.

     That is also the reason X Arts does bootcamps, and when you are able to handle the bootcamp, you will definitely be able to handle a lof of things. My bootcamp is harder than women’s resistance I’m telling you, and that’s why (allow me to forget my modesty for a little bit) we are the best. We provide the hardest training, the best material and weapons to deal with every situation, and we do it better than anybody.



      Always expect Challenges and Resistance. This is not a perfect world, and nothing you plan turn out the same in reality. There will always be friction. Don’t avoid uncomfortable situations but rather, learn to deal with them. The more you are able to deal with them, the better your chances are of succeeding at anything or any endeavour you involve yourself in.


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