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Keyboard Gangsters are rampant in society today, because we live in a digital world.

"Nothing ever becomes real until it is experienced." - John Keats

Technology... Technology has brought us many things. It has made life easier, simpler, more convenient, faster and with the aid of “social media”, brought more people together and more connected with each other.

Unfortunately, with the advent of technology and social media, it also amplified most people’s “geeky” and “nerdy” tendencies. Instead of going out and socializing in person, we just socialize over the internet in the comfort of our room inside our homes, taking the element of eye contact, touching and full contact “vibing” out of the interaction – elements that were supposedly necessary to build a genuine, authentic rapport with each other. Funny, the thing that brought us more connected with each other is also the same thing that made us so unconnected with each other…

Finally, it gave rise to a species of individuals called “The Keyboard Gangsters”.


The Keyboard Gangster

This refers to a an individual who posts like a gangster, like an alpha dude, who tries to sound off online like someone whom you don’t want to mess with or someone who keeps trying to bully or put other people down online just to try to appear tough to all people who reads his/her post. These are the guys who want to have the last word, or in facebook terms, “the last comment” in any argument in a post online.

It is not gender-exclusive, a Keyboard Gangster can be a male or a female.

What is this? Revenge of the Nerds or Something?

For years, I have tried to understand the mindset of someone who has the temerity to sit behind the monitor and post “tough things” about themselves to try to appear to be tough. I am not a Keyboard Gangster, so I wouldn’t know.

However, I’ve encountered a lot of these individuals, and saw a lot of these type of dudes. They’re tough… online, but in the real world, they don’t seem as tough… Why is that? I didn't understand until I witnessed something...

A Field Report: How I Knew Keyboard Gangsters are Tough Online, but Not in Reality

I know a certain Keyboard Gangster in Facebook. Online, this person appears really tough. He gets into heated arguments with everybody who disagrees with him, and most often, has the last word. Then he got into a heated argument over another person. This person is different… Let’s call this other person “Real Gangster”. I also know him, in fact, I know him a lot.

It was actually a petty argument. However, this Keyboard Gangster went on and spread false gossips about Real Gangster which he wouldn’t otherwise say to his face, in addition to provoking him online with tough words and even challenging Real Gangster to a physical fistfight.

Now, these 2 met by accident in person and boy, you’ll never see or hear a beatdown and public humiliation than you have ever seen in your life.

So the story was, Keyboard Gangster was with around 7 of his buddies in a mall. They were standing and talking with each other in a big circle in some part of the mall. Real Gangster just happened to be in the same vicinity as well, with 1 of his buddies, and he spotted Keyboard Gangster. So Real Gangster went up to Keyboard Gangster and his friends… 2 against 8... Fair enough.

"It was like a scene taken directly out of The Godfather""Can you guess what happened next?"

Real Gangster went there straight on and didn’t hesitate. The whole group of Keyboard Gangster just stood there and looked at Real Gangster with his friend. Real Gangster acknowledges the group, then shakes hands with one of them who is not his enemy.

The odd thing about this is that Keyboard Gangster then approaches Real Gangster and shakes his hand as if he haven't done do anything wrong; maybe because Real Gangster was just alone with his 1 friend while Keyboard Gangster, had an army of 7 guys with him. Clearly, Keyboard Gangster has the numbers. He can do anything he wants, right?

"Now here comes the fun part."

Real Gangster forcefully swipes away the hand of Keyboard Gangster and then hits him hard in the chest, pushing Keyboard Gangster away from him in the process. Real Gangster then goes on to shout “Don’t come near me, I don’t like you at all and you’re not my friend! You see these guys with you?! They’re not going to help you! It’s just you and me now!”

Then Real Gangster goes on to humiliate, publicly embarrass and verbally abuse Keyboard Gangster… essentially telling all his “friends” and challenging him (Keyboard Gangster) to do those nasty stuffs that he (Keyboard Gangster) said online that he (Keyboard Gangster) was going to do to him (Real Gangster). I think it's better if I state it in this manner:

Real Gangster to Keyboard Gangster: "You appear tough online eh? Saying all those crazy things about me and what you'd do to me eh? C'mon! Now's your chance. Take a shot!"

Real Gangster then offers the right side of his face to Keyboard Gangster so the latter could easily hit him. Unfortunately, Keyboard Gangster just stood there (yeah I wanted to witness a fight), helpless, like he’s going to cry. Keyboard Gangster couldn’t even look Real Gangster straight in the eye…

Real Gangster to Keyboard Gangster: "I thought so."

In fact, all of Keyboard Gangster's friends were frozen stiff, I think they were scared too. The epic thing about this story is, when Real Gangster told all of Keyboard Gangster’s friends that he doesn’t hate any of them, only Keyboard Gangster; Keyboard Gangster’s friends stepped away from Keyboard Gangster as if to say “You’re on your own on this one.” Imagine a person avoiding stepping on shit. Yeah, that's how it looked like. 

I guess they weren’t his friends after all. They were all consumed by Real Gangster’s frame to the point that WHATEVER REAL GANGSTER SAYS WAS THE LAW OF THAT GROUP. In fact, he could have told them to jump off the building, and they would have answered “What floor sir?

Oh I'm telling you, it was like a scene directly taken out of “The Godfather.” Michael Corleone and Clemenza vs. The World. I was really enjoying this. By the way, if you haven’t watched “The Godfather”, now’s the time to do so, it’s for REAL MEN, not like these Keyboard Gangsters.

Yeah, shit just got real.

Subsequently, Real Gangster pushed Keyboard Gangster really hard and away from him again as he (Real Gangster) made his exit, Keyboard Gangster just stood there, frozen stiff, eyes red (I hope he’s not crying) and stoic. All of his “so-called” friends were still stiff, not doing anything and just watching.

So much for being tough online eh?

After that, Real Gangster went back to his friends who are situated in a very distant part of the mall and just went about his daily business as if nothing happened. It wasn’t a big deal to him. His friends, who were oblivious to what recently happened didn't know anything. He didn’t even brag to his friends about it, except those who really wanted to know what happened when they smelled something fishy.

No big fucking deal.

Oh, did I tell you that he (Real Gangster) wasn’t armed? And it was 2 vs. 8? Yeah I think I did the latter.

Why Keyboard Gangsters Are Tough Online

Now I’ve come to realize why Keyboard Gangsters can be tough online, but not in the real world. The answer lies in the very nature of the real world vis a vis online world.

Online, when 1 says something bad about another person or even threatens to kill another person, the person on the receiving end does not really feel threatened. He can’t “really feel” the intimidation since the one threatening is not there in person with him.

He can provoke the other person again and again and appear tough as a response to the other person’s threats. The other person can’t really do anything but just post a reply to the other person’s threats, trying to appear tougher.

It is an endless cycle that seems to go nowhere. Nobody really wins. However, to them, they appear tough by doing so, and any victory here means they are stronger, more man-ly and braver than the other person.

Nobody feels really threatened in a heated online argument. There is no impending physical injury that would result in case things get so heated up that they resort to a physical, real fistfight.

However, in the real world, when arguments do happen and it escalates, get heated up and blows out of proportion, it could really result to one getting hurt. As in not only emotionally, mentally and psychologically hurt, but physically hurt. In other words, there’s a pending threat and danger in the real world when someone goes way out of line unjustifiably.

That is the difference between a keyboard gangster and a real gangster.

Most Pick Up Artists are Keyboard Gangsters

Why am I saying this? Most Pick-Up Artists are “Keyboard Gangsters” online, albeit in a different way. Not only that, they post conquests of their “seduction game” and how they were able to seduce other “hot women” easily in what they call “field reports” (I know, pathetic right? Well there’s a reason for that haha).

The problem is, if you have seen them in person and in-field, and then saw what they posted online and how they did it, you’ll immediately conclude that their online reports (as compared to what happened in the real world) are:

  1. Far from what really happened
  2. Exaggerated to make them appear “really good with women”

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with them bragging. Unlike Keyboard Gangsters, these guys are not that embarrassing and menacing to society. However, I am concerned with the guys who read the reports, who get amazed by the reports that they think this Keyboard Jock is a god with women. Hence, they seek his advice, and follow everything he says…

And because of that, these "followers" get into trouble, and become worse off with women than they have ever been before. Some even get beaten up in public because they don’t know how to defend themselves, and these so-called Keyboard Gangster friends just watch in awe while their friend gets beaten up by the boyfriend or the guy friend of the girl that they just tried to seduce.

Lessons Learned

So the lessons for this day:

  1. Choose your friends. Who your friends are tell you and everybody else who you are. Associate with people with whom you can be proud of, who has the same goals, values and principles as you have, and would not leave you hanging in the dark when the shit hits the fan. So-called friends are those who are only with you in happy times. Real friends are those who are with you through thick and thin, in happy times, and more especially, in dark times.
  2. Don’t be a keyboard gangster. Don’t make claims online that you can’t back up in the real world. Be impeccable with your words. Nothing stinks more than a person whose word is trash and essentially useless. Don’t be a Keyboard Jock. Worse, don’t be a Keyboard Gangster.
  3. Be amazing (No reason why, I just wanted to add this for added measure hehe).

Hope you learned something from this experience. I sure did.


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